So excited to share another wonderful podcast with you!

Jan Bowen and I sat down and discussed all thing life and biz, including:

  • Hear about my mornings and how I am a morning goddess
  • A little bit about where I live in Australia and what it’s like
  • We discuss the role of judgement … and expectations
  • The gift of simplicity
  • My first attempts at changing the world
  • My road to become the Prime Minister of Australia
  • Sensitivity in the workplace — and what I find necessary to keep my equilibrium
  • The intertwined practice of art and writing in my journals
  • What drove me to share my work (hint: connection is key)
  • My creative routine and practices
  • My vulnerability in life and art and business
  • My goal in business and art
  • We discuss swearing — from a nationality and spirituality perspective. We have many ideas about this topic.
  • Mermaids! what they mean to me, my art, and my life.
  • The integration of spirituality, the role and evolution in my life
  • Depression, inner critics, and break through
  • My beautiful words about my inner cheerleader and my teenage years
  • My future vision
            And so much more!

You can listen to the podcast HERE!

If you prefer to watch your podcasts on YouTube, click HERE!

Jan has also created a lovely Facebook group for listeners, which you can find HERE.

Cannot wait for you to listen to this one!

Big love,