If the truth of it be known

I think I am actually much more flighty

to run and hide

than people recognise

That sometimes I am only a few steps

from hiding and disappearing from people

That the shell of my being

is very quick to close if poked too hard too many times

The thing about being a scorpee is that I won’t bite

I’ll lash out with my quietness and my non-presence.

That sometimes I don’t know if I can quite stay *open*

for interaction and love

when I become fear*full.

I fear at times that I others will see me as annoying or too intense

That they don’t feel the same way about me as I do about them

That a friendship may be too emotion*filled on my behalf

Underneath me is a girl who runs when it gets too much

Who hides, but not sincerely –

she is always hoping that someone will come to find her.

And therein lies my shadow moment…

When I see myself as more fractured than I realise.

And herein lies my light*filled moment

When I see that everything is really okay and that I am loved and that I do love.

And I do love.

Doubt thou the sun are fire

Doubt that the sun doth move

Doubt truth to be a liar

But never doubt I love

– Shakespeare

And that goes for all of you. 😉