Hi treasures,

Big news to share.

I’ll share the major news now, and then share the details.

I am closing my Academy. For the month of September, I am holding a Closing Down Sale so you can buy my Academy courses at 80% off.

(You can find sale here.)

A request: please take the time to read through before writing in questions as I will likely answer it below.

After eight glorious, precious, wonderful years and thousands of members, it’s time to close my Shining Biz + Life Academy. 

This has been a huge and difficult decision that I’ve been sitting with for a long time, but I know without a doubt it is the right move to make. I feel like something new is coming, but I need to clear the space first for it to be birthed through.

The Academy has been an incredible gift in my life for so long. It’s been one of my biggest income earners, sure, but it’s brought me a huge amount of joy to see my members lives and businesses grow. I’ve met some of my dearest friends through the Academy. So many members have been in there since the day it began… I feel humbled by the loyalty and love, grateful that it’s been a worthy investment for them. I’ve met so many of them in real life, at the Shining Academy conference, and over coaching calls and our mastermind forum. It’s been a tremendous gift.

It’s been a joy to have a vessel to pour my work, insights and ideas over the years. To have a central place for my life’s work, to have supporters who wanted my next course. It allowed me to create at an unparalleled rate – at least 12 courses a year, totalling over 140+ courses all together.

The Academy was born not long after my first child was born, in 2010. As I held her, breastfeeding in the middle of the night, wondering how on earth I would make enough money to not have to go back to my public service career, I had a huge divine download from my angels. I saw the vision of the Academy, and how many it would serve, and I scrawled it on the paper. It was for the first few years called the Goddess Circle, and had name changes as I evolved.

It’s felt like such a sacred thing to me – to have received that guidance from my angels, to have followed through on it and seen such extraordinary blessings in my life from it. And now that my angels are nudging me to close and complete this cycle, I feel it would be disingenuous of me to keep going just for the money. It wouldn’t honour the sacred gift of it all. It started with divine guidance, and so it ends with divine guidance.

Academy closing down sale

And so, to release my life’s catalogue of work, I am running an Academy bundle closing sale for the month of September. It’s your last chance to get any of my work before they are released into the great creative void from where they came (i.e. gone gone goneskis).

What you’ll receive:

  • 100+ courses
  • Access to the Academy membership site for 12 months until 1 October 2019.

What this bundle sale does NOT include:

  • Access to the Academy mastermind – it is now closed to anyone but existing Academy members.
  • My Academy group coaching calls for the next year – again, closed to anyone but existing Academy members.
  • One new course a month released for the next year – again, closed to anyone but existing Academy members.

The reason I’ve done it this way is because I wanted to create a win-win-win situation for everyone involved. Provide a cut price for courses for anyone who wanted them before they were gone, while honouring and cherishing my current Academy members.

If you are already a current Academy member:

  • I shared this news via email and in our mastermind two months ago, and cancelled all payments so I could gift all of you up to 14 months free Academy membership in thanks for your loyal support.
  • As a current Academy member you’ll also receive 14 exclusive new courses (free) that will not be available to people in the sale.
  • As a current Academy member you’ll also receive 14 group coaching calls (free) that are not available to people in this sale.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you shutting down your businesses? Are you closing down? WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEXT?

No, I’ll still be “in business”.

The Academy is one of three income streams I have – my Shining Year workbooks is one, and my latest “I’m bored” side project was to break the world record to build to the highest rank in doTERRA.

I just signed a multi-year book deal with BenBella publishing to take the workbooks to an even bigger audience and into bookstores. I’m so bloody excited, it feels like a new lease on life for those babies!

So in terms of cashycashola, we’re totally fine with going down to just two income streams again for a while. I’m also a cheapskate financially, so have a shit tonne of savings. I don’t plan on using those savings at all however.

I don’t make business decisions lightly – I’m the sole breadwinner of my family and have been for 8 years. I’ve got enough runs on the board now for me and my husband to have the confidence to remove an income stream.

And then I’ll create another income stream. In terms of what next, I’m not sure. I’m leaving the space for whatever wants to come through. I suspect it will be either books or courses.

Are you shutting down the Academy because it doesn’t make money anymore?

LOLZ. NOPE. It’s been hugely financially successful. I’m just ready for something new.

Is a membership model redundant now?

Nope, it’s just something I feel like I’ve mastered for now, and I’m ready for something new.

Did you consider selling it off?

LOLZ NOPE. I’ve yet to meet another Leonie. The connection between me and my members is far too intimate to try and surrogate them onto another person/company. Is that a failure of this personality-based business model? Sure. But it’s also brought me a lot of success, and I don’t want to run a faceless business. Being front and centre of my business feels like the best way for me to do it.

Can I buy any of the Academy courses individually?

Sorry, no. Bundle only.

Will you be selling any of these courses after this sale?

No, they are retiring permanently. Being put out to pasture like the glorious donkeys they have been.

Are the courses printed materials or digital?

Defo digital! You’ll receive access to the Academy membership site with all the courses there.

Are the courses downloadable?


Will you still be selling the yearly goals workbooks?

100% yes!!!

These are a separate business to the Academy.

I’ve signed a major publishing deal with BenBella in the US to release these in 2019 and 2020!

Most of all: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Academy has been a delicious, joyful ride for so many years.

I feel so blessed to have been able to share my work in this way and connect with so many of you.

I also honour the Academy and its members for being able to fund so many wonderful philanthropic efforts to including:

  • building a library in Vietnam through Room to Read
  • helping build a 6 room library in West Ghana through Pencils of Promise
  • being in the top 1% of Kiva lenders internationally
  • supporting many more charities including World Vision, Red Cross, WWF and Doctors Without Borders.

The Academy was born in love, and it ends in love too.

Thank you as always… just for being you.

Let me know if you have any questions – email support@leoniedawson.com and I’ll answer personally. Because I’ve missed doing that kind of stuff, and need to be able to hear ya’ll better. Probably isn’t sustainable long-term to do it like that, but it’s what is needed for right now. Be patient with me… I’ll respond as soon as I can, but not before I tend to my nest and family first.

To beautiful endings, and new beginnings too.

Bright love,