Gorgeous humans!

I’ve been beavering away in my creative cave, dreaming up what’s next for the Brilliant Biz & Life Academy for 2024.

I’m THRILLED to share that on top of all the current courses, workshops, books & resources in the Academy vault, you’ll ALSO be receiving in 2024:

  • 12+ brand new workshops taught by me
  • 12 brand new done for you templates & checklists
  • 24 guest expert training workshops (!)

We are now at over $8,500 in value… and Academy memberships are only US $199 a year (!!!!) I’m aiming to make this the no-brainer ESSENTIAL support resource for anyone wanting to start or grow a business.

Here’s what I’ll be giving all my Academy members over the coming year:

This is just the BEGINNING as well… there will also be some more SURPRISE goodies as well!


If you haven’t already… I *highly* recommend you don’t miss out on all the goodness in the Academy! It really is beyond compare!

To your shining success!

Big love,