Hola loves,

I’m still kind of speechless and spellbound by our September Private Coaching Retreat.

Three gorgeous entrepreneurs arrived (our dear fourth one was sick).

And we spent 3 days doing some incredible, intensive work of taking their businesses + lives to the next level.

I so honour these earth angel women for stepping up and deciding to share their light in a BIG way to help as many people as possible… and have a divine, delicious, abundant time as they do it.

Those earth angels were life coach + crystal healer Tara Bliss + editor of Wild Sister magazine Jen Saunders.

Each of them is at different stages at their business – one has been in business for a year, one for a month, and one just starting out.

And it worked dang fabulously, I gotta say.

All three were trying to piece together a business by fumbling around in the dark.

I’m so grateful that I could share with them instead a proven plan and system of how to grow a super abundant business that helps thousands – and do it with integrity, soul + no-burnout.

At the end of our days together, they walked away with their own plan of exactly what they needed to do to reach their income goals over the next year, and how to do it all sanely, joyfully and with heart.

They can live their soul purpose, and do it prosperously.

This business thing can really be an integrated thang with life.

They all said at the end “I’m SO glad I came. Everything is suddenly so clear, so easy, so DOABLE. I don’t have to figure it out on my own anymore. I’m no longer in the dark.”

Tara said “I’m no longer contained by my own lack of knowledge.”

It made me really, really happy and heart-satisfied.

To know that peeps don’t have to spend years fumbling around trying to piece it together. I remember how confusing it was.

Here’s the amazing thing:

Making your first $50k a year is the hardest.

It just gets easier and easier after that.

And peeps, can I just stress again:


Learn from someone who has already done what you want to do.

Learn the map from them.

It will accelerate you beyond anything you can imagine right now.


Anyways, I could talk for hours + hours.

Here’s the photos.

It was three days filled with intensive work, deep sharings, late night tea + paint sessions, running around our land, evolution, playing, Ostara making best friends with all of them + keeping them heartily amused, journalling, writing, a sacred release ceremony and more intensive work + education + coaching.

I also did complimentary photoshoots for them as well as part of their retreat package so they could have profile photos of their new shiniest selves.

All in all, it was freaking spectacular:

(Jen drew this of us on her way home)

We also spent some very important time doing superhero photos off our trampoline:

And Ostara’s CRACKS ME UP.

She really was trying to get some air time.


It was just SO good.

SOOO good.

For brain + biz + heart + body + soul.

But you know what?

It’s really hard for ME to tell you what it was like.

So let THEM tell you.

(And handy hint here for entrepreneurs: there are some MASSIVE insights in here that I just know are going to make your head reel!)

Only 6 more days until my next batch of women arrive here at Paradise House… I am ready!

I feel like a midwife helping the world to birth stars.

all my love,

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