This is my beautiful little sister Maryanne.

And this is the story of how the Universe totally rocks, in totally unforeseen, unknown and intensely loving ways.

A couple of months ago the opportunity came up for me at work to attend a business conference in Brisbane, where my little sister goes to university. I jumped at it, thinking I could spend a bit of time with her and a number of lovely friends who live there.

And then my little Me-Me got sick with tonsillitis. Again. For the seventh time this year. So now she is having an operation and needs her kin around.

And guess what? It’s when I’m there.

And guess what? I just got given extra holidays to tack onto my weekend.

And the day before I need to leave, my big sister is flying in to stay.

So the blessing and the miracle is that I will be in Brisbane for a week to work for a little bit, to hang out with my little sis, tell her hilarious stories, make her jelly, feed her ice-cream and just be with her.

It is a joy that I can do this. That this crazy little set of circumstances has worked out so the sisters can be together for each other. And it is the tenderest honour that I can look after my little one when she needs me.

Sometimes the most healing thing of all is just to be present to love each other.

This Universe leaves me breathless with beauty,