On the way home this afternoon on the bus, I was re-reading the piece of paper I was given on our labyrinth walk. It is a reading by the amazing Ellanita of the cards I chose beforehand. As I read them again today, they made sense. So much sense. It was as if the seeds germinated inside me, and now they spring forth into blossoms of understanding.

This one particularly resonated:

Medicine Bundle: Allies ~ Support

“You are being asked to honour the wisdom of your Ancestors and the allies… A great deal of strength is being given to you at this stage… notice who is helping and supporting your in your life right now and return the favour by supporting others.”

And I wanted to honour those that have been my allies in this webpage. It has now become such a big part of my life, and the support and love that has supported me in the process has been beautiful. It has opened my eyes and changed me irrevocably. In a beautiful, intangible way. In replying to dear SARK’s comment, I realised how my women friends are now a part of my movements ~ whether it be dancing in a labyrinth, or riding elevators.

This webpage started as Turquoise Journey, as a blogger, as a whim. Because I decided I wanted to share more. It started in August… and from there… it has blossomed like wildflowers, cascaded in joy…. into this site. And it wouldn’t have happened without the love and encouragement of so many….

Deb. For being one of the first to read the site. For writing me the most beautiful, colouful email telling me I was doing big work. For her constant love, joy and enthusiasm for me and my blogger. For telling me she missed it the days she was away from her computer.

For Helena ~ Charlie. She was the first to write and tell me that she read my blogger every day. That one blew the doors off me. During that first month, that email kept me writing. And her subsequent emails which have awed me with her openness, wisdom and growth. Such a pleasure to reconnect with her.

To Zetty. For thinking that blogging was my latest obsession but going along with it anyway. For her email which said that she loved reading up on Leonie World and felt like she was still a part of my life even now, in a different country. For being Zetty.

To the person who anonymously posted on the site that I had beautiful teeth.

To Dan. Who reads my site and leaves loving messages even when he thinks it is all hairy fairy shtuff. For being my friend, and for being him.

For Jayne. Who told me she was writing again because of this blog. That made my heart soar. The writing of Jayne is so important for this world. Her warmth, her encouragement and all her passionate Jayne-ness. without knowing, she whispered yes yes yes to me.

For Lisa Marie. We found each other through the SARK message board and through blogging. for her ever poetic comments. For her love. For our mutual fan club. For her championing and belief. Her words drip with beauty, and she inspires me to be a better writer. She is a dear friend, even when we have an ocean between us.

For Amanda & Andrea ~ the girls at work who keep my blogger in their favourites. Let me tell ya, there is nothing groovier in this world than walking past a computer and seeing they are reading your site. That rocked my socks off.

For Emelisa. She is doing so much big work in herself and the world. For always sharing herself, encouraging me, sharing in the joys and the rain. Her simple, heartfelt words.

For Chris. My partner. My love. My companion. For his gentle, loving presence. For his acceptance of my work. Believing in me. Encouraging me to dream, take myself seriously, and start Leonie Life. For accepting all the hours that I spend each night doing research, surfing, writing this blog. For being him. The most beautiful man still.

For Lile. Like Deb, she is so often the inspiration of my day. For reading my blog at midnight (on a school night too!) For encouraging me always. For telling me her own creative dream was inspired by me following mine.

For my family. My sisters and mum reading this, sharing in this. My brother Brett telling me he was “rather proud” after reading this site.

For the women’s group. Ellanita the Amazing, who believed in me before meeting me. Raquel who tells me she reads it every morning with her coffee, and sends me such encouraging emails.

For Jen Gray. Who emailed me, out of the blue, just to tell me she reads the site. imagine that. one of my all time favourite photographers and bloggers. So unassuming. When I think of Jen, I just see eyes ~ clear blue~green eyes which shine, and see beauty everywhere. In the bumper of a car, eggs, small flowers, a man~hole cover.

For Sark. my all time favourite writer and colourful human bean. Emailing me. To tell me I was on her bookmarks list. This is equivalent, to me, of Tom Cruise telling me I’m hot. Cie comprende?

And for all those other readers. I so hope I am not forgetting anyone.

I look forward to connecting with you more. email me, if you like!

I have so many beauitful allies, friends, women beings and man beings which surround me, and nurture me. From across oceans, and the desk beside me. I wanted to honour each of you for the roles you have played in the journey thus far.

And to those unseen faces, hands, bodies which pushed me this way.

I honour you all, and am humbled by each of your intrinsic beauty and generosity in words, love and support.

You are all a part of this flowering tree.

There is a quote that says somewhere that we will never know how we have affected and touched others lives.

Know this: You have. And you continue to.

Deepest blessings

Love and laughter,