amarlia reminds me of a deity sometimes…

funny i look outside the window, and i see rain, but there is none
and somehow i know that there is a part of me in london, typing as we speak, she is looking out into the london rain, experiencing all of this and more. i wonder who she is, is her name leonie also, was she born the same way as me, does she watch the sunset light unfold out onto the street too. what is her story, who does she love, does she write, does she ponder, does she know?

i feel like wanting to be compassionate, because that’s me out there, that’s me in that woman in london, that’s me in sydney, that’s me in tokyo and some province in china.
somehow all the unique borders of me fade, and it’s not all about being leonie, it’s just all about experiencing this. it’s all about the seamless soul that knows no face, that holds tight to no situations or circumstance. she just IS.

i wonder… how i am all one, we are all one, navigating this world, experiencing all experiences.

i send a heart call to you. i see how we are deepening in this together. how we are waking slowly, stretching our limbs gently, and opening our eyes to a new world, a new life, everyday. do you remember me? i think i remember you. and i think i remember where we may have come from, where we might be returning, what we might be doing here.