had an hour to myself yesterday

while my brother was getting a massage,
i walked up the road and got lost in wildflowers by the sidewalk for a while…

i got mesmerised by the twisting branches

and the tree’s sweet leaves

the sky was sublimely blue

i got distracted by a huge rope tower for children to play on
and i placed down my bag, kicked off my shoes
and i made my conquest
hands, arms, feet hurting that wonderful goodness
as i giggled my way to the top
i felt like rapunzel up there

the rope made beautiful patterns across the sky above

after i finished, i surveyed the little park i was in.
i sat on the bench, and searched through my bag

all i need to amuse me is~

a notepad (with gorillas on the cover), my camera, water, a bag from venice (thanks little sister!) and a book (Moon Rites in this instance)

i took some self portraits

i soaked in the warmth of the sun on a park bench

then i crawled under a canopy of bush trees to read my book
in there i found the most beautiful, serendipitious thing ~
a tree which looked like the goddesses i read of…

it was my friend as i sat there,
reading, watching ants scurry in the earth beneath me.

that was one hour of my day.
a gloriously free, unkept hour in my life
when no one expected me to be anywhere,
i had nothing to do,
but be.
and it was beautiful.