and she said:
i am willing to be me.
i am willing to excavate deep
and spread the message of peace
of understanding, love, and unwitting optimism
(pessimism is so 1990s, she says).

and when she walks and feels the anger
she has tears in her eyes because she feels:
Finally. Finally I have reached my Core. Finally I will stand my Ground.
and there is glorious soaring joy in this
soaking monsoon weddings of wisdom
it drenches her body.


the words, the hopes, the affirmations
they found their way into her soul
and claimed their space there,
growing rugged and wild and magnificent in the lattice of her soul.

she whispers to me:

I know Me now.
I can ask for Me now.

there is no fear now,
just trust and faith in me.

with love,
Leonie and her angel friends…