At 14. My older sister has an old film camera. She positions me in a chair against the wood of our rambling farmhouse. As she presses the shutter, I turn to laugh with my younger sister.

At 25. A couple of weeks ago, a dear friend, a mermaid sister, invites me on an adventure. One Thursday night we drive out into the dusk to a friend’s farm and sleep in a tipi for the night. At midnight, a roaming black cat slides into the tipi and sleeps, purring, around my neck for the night. The next morning, we photograph each other, by the lake, by the trees, in an old white chair.

I fall upon the synchronicity of the photos yesterday as I sort through folders. In the eleven years between these photos, so much and nothing at all has changed.

Changes in circumstances, hometowns, deaths, life, laughter, family, love, education, lifestyle, work, pets, houses.

And yet – not much at all has changed.
I’m still this beautiful spirit named Leonie. Still loving life as deeply as I can. Still finding my way. Still creating. Still dreaming. Still being glad for everything that happens – the “good” and the “bad”. Still so incredibly blessed to be living my own sacred life.

To all our precious and beautiful lives,
with love, light and laughter,