Pooky bears,

I’ve written often about having Autism – you can find all my writings about it & recommended resources here.

Today I wanted to share with you a quick poster on what helps with managing my Autism.

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Most of these tools are there to help reduce the sensory overstimulation – an Autistic brain records life in a higher definition than neurotypicals. And then of course pre-planning so you’re not in a state of constant overstimulation by scheduling less where possible.

I reckon the key for me is unapologetically accepting and cultivating the kinds of conditions I need to thrive. I’m not going to be able to be as “out” in the world socially & physically as neurotypicals are. My brain has its own gifts, I just need to help it have the quiet and space so it can thrive as best it can.

And of course, every person with Autism is different and needs different conditions. We all need to explore and create our tools of what helps… and use them as devotedly as we can.

All my love,