6.12 pm this evening

The time felt ripe. A new initiation, another rite of passage.
My eyebrow ring has been a symbol of my flight into self, my blossoming spirituality, my joyful embrace of what is my own.
It has been a powerful blessing for me.
I continue this journey,
and I am stripping myself down to the bare essentials.
So I unscrewed it. Took out the beautiful blue titanium
that has adorned my face for three months now. Buried it in the garden.
Thanked it deeply for its gifts.

at 6.30pm this evening ~ 22.9 years of age

I become more like myself every day.

at 4 years of age

I took my eyebrow ring out today
and buried it into the garden
for new things to grow.
I am so grateful for this journey.