The last few weeks have been a cornucopia of pleasure and adventure.
I’ve been dancing at concerts dressed up as a cowgirl angel, waking up before dawn to go on a photography adventure with a bus friend, sitting in sacred circles, spending the weekend at a healing retreat with my love, our dog and a dear dear friend, walking in the bush, canoeing in misty lakes, having all day slumber parties, climbing mountains in pyjamas and just generally being amazing.

Most importantly,
I’ve been not comparing, sitting in the silence of my own life, committing to the sacred joy of keeping some stories all to myself and remembering my own beauty.

May I share this knowing:

you need not be like anybody else.
in fact, please do not be like anybody else but you.
you were made the way you are for a sacred, special reason that is still unfolding.
live your life as it appears in your own vision ~ not anybody else’s, but yours.
you are amazing. you are needed.
you are all kinds of flavours of magnificent, delicious and inspiring
just as you are, right now.

nobody is any more beautiful than you.

remember your own beauty.

who you are is enough. your precious life is enough.

i write this with a tender heart that’s been finding its own way back to those knowings.

blessings on your path,