Searching through old emails today, found a conversation between me and my friend Matt when we were 17 and worldly and knew it all. His is the >remarks in italic, mine are the ones answering them. The world back then was much more black and white then, with less of those unexplainable grey areas.

> i believe in reincarnation

But I also believe in heaven.

I believe in young souls, old souls and lost souls.

> i believe in honesty

But know how hard it is to attain honesty from selfand others even when both are well meaning.

> i believe in alien life on other planets in other

> galaxies…

We are looking for intelligent life elsewhere becausewe haven’t found it here

> i believe in like, i believe in love, but i don’t

> believe that the two are the same.

I believe like is a bullshit word, its a thing thatprimary schoolers use to define their friendships. I believe that I love all my friends.

There are justdifferent types of love. I love you Matt, and I am not afraid to say it just because other people havestereotypes on what love is.

> i believe that some people should never change

> i believe that some people should change

I believe change is an endless circle, we all grow, we all change.

> i believe that i am judged by others for my faults

> i beleive that i judge others for their faults

> i believe that i am wrong sometimes

> i believe that i am right most times

I believe I am right in the times that I know that Ihave done what is asked of me by myself and by others, and I am right when I have done what should be done

> i believe in Jesus Christ, that he existed, but not

> that he was the son of GodI don’t know what to think about god anymore.

I don’t believe I can define jesus or god.

I don’t thinkjesus and god are different people.

I don’t thinkthat there is any difference between christianity’s god or any other religion.

I believe that to find the true ultimate religion, the truth, every religion mustbe compiled together, all must come as one, and thenwe find what it really is we have been searching forall this time. spirituality.

> i don’t believe in Christianity, but i do believe

> that

> Christianity has helped to straighten out society.

> at

> the same time, it has contributed to many of the> world’s problems.

I believe We are pressured so much to find God that we end up resenting him and thinking of him as a thingfor Jesus freaks only – a complete detachment from ourlives. I believe God is something that is a part ofeverything we are, that there is spirituality underall this but we are too caught up to notice it.

> what do you believe in? cya.

I believe in The One… that one day I will find the man that is the missing piece in my heart.

I believe in the value of travelling

I believe that I have discarded the value of friendships over the last two years, and for longer because I have been too busy.

I believe in the importance of family.

I believe in many things.

I believe I need to go home for a year before I moveonto the next level.

and you?

Love Me