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red rose in our garden. samsung v6

women circle and meet
beautiful women ~
women whose eyes are round and are fire and are water all at once
there is so much safety and love here
my mother~in~law is here on holidays. she comes too.
we invite quan yin in. pele, volcano fire goddess.
we send a spiral up and out to touch all the other beltaine circles.

black and white candles on the round altar
my new goddess woman made from purple glass ~ bulbous breasts and womanly legs
masculine feminine
we share with our talking stick
we eat shared meals
our journeys are conscious
and we share in our journey stories
we learn from each other

out to the backyard.
there is hot mulled wine
liquers from female and male figurines
a fire that eats the words we throw into them.

my piece of paper has words on it.
words like:
i don’t want to shape myself to fit into the perfect square.
i will spill over into all parts of myself.

i throw it into the fire,
and it is swallowed alive.
no more regrets. no more cutting off my power in order to make others comfortable
this is me in all my me.

we sit by the fire for hours.
talking and circling and sharing.
my mother~in~law has an ah-ha moment. i love to watch her open.

mulled wine and words.
silence and gazing at the skies.
curling up in the circle of women,
that are my sisters.
we are all sisters. we are all fiery beltaine women.
all of us.

blessed be,