Since I’ve left social media, I’ve returned to just reading blogs. And holy moley, the benefits are SO huge.

I feel so inspired from reading blogs. I learn things. I feel connected to other people’s stories. I feel honoured by the glimpses I get to see into their lives. It makes me itch to create.

I never felt this way when I read social media.

I fell in love with blogging in 2004. And it’s stayed a deep love… and now feels like even more of a rekindling of that romance.

Many of you have asked for blogs that I read and how I keep up with them… so this post is for you!

How To Read Blogs:

The two best options for reading blogs is either by:

  1. subscribing to their mailing list (so you get new blog posts emailed to your inbox)
  2. using a reader app like Bloglovin and Feedly.

I subscribe to some, and use the Feedly app to read the rest. There are lots of reader apps that are free. I used Bloglovin for years, which is completely free. Now I have the paid Feedly option (it does have a free version as well). I only upgraded to the paid Feedly one because I figured it’s my prime source of online entertainment now, so I like some of the extra features it has. They’re definitely not necessary though… I could have just kept going with Bloglovin for decades!

How To Find Blogs

There’s lots of ways to find blogs:

  1. Google your favourite topic + “blog”
  2. Blog reader apps like Bloglovin and Feedly offer lots of recommendations for your next read
  3. Blogs often have either weekly link roundups or a blogroll where they recommend other blogs
  4. There’s a shit tonne of top blog lists around like this one and this one
  5. Ask friends what their favourites are! I regularly like to do this. And of course I like to recommend specific blogs to friends that I think will like them too. Share the blog love around!

In the spirit of this, here’s a mahooosive list of blogs I read!

The (Somewhat) Complete List of Blogs I Currently Subscribe To:

(Somewhat because I add to this list every week as I discover more blog treasures!)

  1. DesignMom: a mom of 6 who is currently renovating an centuries-old home in France. I especially appreciate her thoughtful takes on feminism, racism, religion & social justice.
  2. A Beautiful Mess: two sisters who bake, craft & decorate.
  3. Audrey Kawasaki: stunning artist.
  4. 6512 and Growing: parenting, sustainability & non violent communication.
  5. A Cup of Jo: daily essays on parenting, design, social justice.
  6. Healthy ADHD: helpful posts on ADHD.
  7. CollectiveGen: DIY projects.
  8. A VC: a venture capitalist talks life & investing.
  9. Alexandra Franzen: blue-haired writer talks marketing (especially without social media) & more.
  10. Alisa Burke: artist being wildly artistic. Just gorgeous!
  11. Amy Tangerine: designer with planner & scrapbook products.
  12. Attic24: an English crafter takes us on her daily idyllic walks, gardening & creative projects.
  13. Austin Kleon: author & artist talks about his creative process & inspirations.
  14. Balzer Designs: craft & art tutorials
  15. Leigh Viner: artissssst
  16. Rebecca Green: illustrator shares her creative process & life
  17. CJ Chilvers: talks tech, music & productivity
  18. Katie Chappell: my friend & adopted English niece also happens to be a brilliant illustrator
  19. Penelope Dullaghan: I’m a long term lover of Penelope. She’s a glorious illustrator as well!
  20. Camilla Engman: another illustrator & creative. Sense a pattern here?
  21. Carissa Paige: creative being… creative. HO HO HO. Look at my excellent descriptive powers!
  22. Cassie Stephens: an art teacher shares adorable creative projects & ideas
  23. Chookooloonks: on creativity, parenting & a whole-hearted life
  24. Chris Loves Julia: a thorough daily blog about a family’s home redesign projects
  25. Confessions of an Aspergers Mom: does what it says on the box
  26. Craig Mod: a writer walks through Japan, making stuff as he goes
  27. Jane Davies: collage artist
  28. David Perell: writer on writing and business
  29. Deep Space Sparkle: art teacher sharing creative projects
  30. Decor8: interior design
  31. Derek Sivers: founder of CD Baby, author & all round thoughtful dude writes intermittent blogs on entrepreneurship, creativity & an intentional life
  32. Elizabeth Goddard: British online entrepreneur. I dig her brain AND her giraffe onesie!
  33. Elisa Blaha: creative does creative things!
  34. Elements of Style: interior design & DIY
  35. Effy Wild: artist shares her creative process & inner soul work vulnerably
  36. Frugalwoods: financial independence & simple living
  37. iHanna: swedish artist shares her journals & creative projects
  38. Kelle Hampton: parenting, interior design & Down’s Syndrome advocacy
  39. Susanna Barkataki: thoughtful essays on cultural appropriation in yoga
  40. Girl and Duck: my kid’s favourite author talks about writing kid literature & living a creative life
  41. Jamie Thingelstad: American dad shares mini-posts on his travels, thoughts & projects
  42. Jason Fried: founder of Basecamp & Hey talks life, business, entrepreneurship
  43. John Saddington: tech bro shares posts on life, family & Autism
  44. Joshua Kennon: I like reading this dude’s investment strategies & thoughts… and just how he does life, really!
  45. Lucy Bellwood: comic artist makes stuff! Has thoughts! Is an all round thoughtful & glorious human!
  46. MacSparky: detailed thoughts on Apple features & productivity. I’m not a full blown Mac head, but I like subscribing to people who teach me something new!
  47. Mattias Inks: Swedish illustrator’s creations… they are wild and adorable!
  48. Meet Me At Mike’s: Aussie crafter and writer
  49. Modern Mrs Darcy: talks books books books because that’s important
  50. Mr Money Mustache: money, investing & early retirement
  51. Oh Joy: interior design blog
  52. Our Fifth House: MORE interior design!
  53. Pony Gold Studio: me & my kid’s shared favourite illustrator
  54. Robin Rendle: typography & the future of the web
  55. Sarah Wilson: best-selling author shares life-changing ideas
  56. Sea of Shoes: old school fashion blogger
  57. Cal Newport: my current author obsession
  58. Swiss Miss: always a brilliant finder of good things
  59. The Art of Doing Stuff: chick does stuff! And shows you how!
  60. The Autistic Advocate: longer essays on Autism
  61. The Handmade Home: interior design and DIY… but COLOURFUL! WOO!
  62. The Oatmeal: comics
  63. The Vivienne Files: how to put together a capsule wardrobe based on an artwork
  64. The Bloggess: the author, the wonder, the irreverent miracle
  65. Work Made For Hire: creative advice for creative business peeps
  66. Young House Love: a family renovates and DIYs their house
  67. Zen Habits: Leo Babauta has been one of the world’s biggest bloggers… and he’s still creating.
  68. Zita Norton: my assistant!

Are blogs dying?

LOLZ no! It’s actually a brilliant time to start a blog & read a blog. There is a thriving world of blogs out there… my recommendation is to spend some time reading them instead of social media. See if they make you feel better than social media does! (I can pretty much bet that they can… science actually backs it up too!)

Hope this has been useful!

And of course… please do email me with your favourite blogs so I can add them to my reading list!

Big hugs & love,


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