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::: “Stranger showers bus load of innocent commuters with unbridled generosity, love and compassion for NO REASON! A spokesman for a UK cell associated with extreme rapturist group El Oveeyee has claimed responsibility for the incident, which was met with applause by leaders at the nearby G8 summit. Analysts are drawing similarities to the September 11 plane hijackings, where rapturists diverted commuter planes to Bermuda and forced hapless businessmen to shirk their responsibilities and compete in a limbo competition to the sound of steel drums.”
~ my friend dave

::: Like in the movie Mr Deeds, greeting a new person is accompanied with a hug. like shirley maclaine says “strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.”

::: Instead of celebrity news on TV, every night they feature an everyday person’s life, and they realise they are infact SUPERHEROS.

::: There is lively discussion on consciousness, bongo drums and self love on every corner.

::: Morning coffees are replaced with morning breaths, affirmations and invigorating heart exchanges.

::: Pictures of cats with speech bubbles appear magically on street corners.

::: EVERYONE journals.

What are your dreams for the new world?

and post a secret is still v cool.