Yup, you guessed it! Another FAB podcast interview to share with you!

“In this week’s episode, Niki interviews the incredibly successful Female Founder Leonie Dawson. Leonie is a multi-millionaire, creator of courses, communities, and the world-famous Life & Business Goal Getter Workbooks (which Niki has used every year for the past five years, along with thousands of other women). 

Alongside all of this Leonie manages to work around 10 hours per week AND spent years homeschooling her kids. With many of us having only just survived lockdown homeschooling for a matter of weeks alongside running our businesses, it’s safe to say this is one inspiring woman!

Have a listen and be inspired to think about how you could achieve that elusive work-life balance too.”

Time to find some biccies, make a tea and settle down into that arm chair while you listen HERE! 

Big love,