Hola gorgeous Goddess!

I remember it so deeply.

I had all these dreams inside me. Ones that wanted to be let loose. My fingers itched to draw and paint and make miracles. I’d sit at my cubicle job, lay my head on the desk, eyes burned out from too much computer work. And my heart ached. I knew there was something else I wanted to do. Something else I wanted to spend my precious hours doing. I didn’t want my real life – the one that brought me so much joy – to be lived only at nights and on weekends.

I would write feverish notes in my journals:
I want to do this as my job. I want my life to be a dream. WHEN IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN? AND HOW?
The HOW was a big one. I’d made a little money selling my art and running small workshops.
But I’d calculated how many prints I needed to sell in order to make a living and actually do this thing full time. And how many sales I’d have to make per day. Then I’d lay my head back down on the desk, and shake my head.

It was impossible. It wasn’t going to happen like this. Not if I stayed the same way.

One afternoon, late, after I got home from work, I went for a walk. I remember the path so well – around the meadow, up to the swings, and back past the house with a yard filled with white doves. And I set in my mind a goal:
I want to make $30 000 in the next year from the things I love to do.

I got home, and my jaw was set firm. I knew where I wanted to go. I only needed to learn how to get there. Obviously, what I knew right now wasn’t enough. I’d spent so many years building and growing and honing my creativity & spirituality muscles. Those were the things I loved to do. They were as strong as any gym bunnies. But my business muscles? I had none. They were weak & flaccid (tee hee! I said flaccid! *gigglesnort*) There was only one thing to do: start building them. Training them. Growing them. Making them so strong that they could build a ship to hold my gifts in, and deliver them safely to the world.

So that’s what I did.

I became a Business Goddess.

I read every business and finance blog and book I could get my hands on. And I started actually DOING the things I was learning. There’s only one way to grow muscles – and it’s by practising. I made that $30 000 within a year. The next year I doubled it. The next year I doubled it again. And all my dreams came true. Really truly. A real life fairytale for a mermaid who very rarely brushes her hair.

I quit my cubicle job. And I had a wee little mermaid named Ostara. And my beautiful goddess business was doing so well that my love left his job too so we could both be stay at home parents. And we moved across the countryside – leaving behind the alpine city to be at home again in tropical paradise in remote Northern Queensland, Australia.
I’m writing this to you, giggling away. I’m sitting up the top of a massive ancient fig tree (just like the one Buddha sat beneath to get enlightened!!!!) It’s Autumn, but I’m barefoot, in cut-off jeans and a singlet. There are blue butterflies and a tiny iridescent gecko is sitting beside me, watching me type.

This is my job. Everyday, while my daughter sleeps and my love stays with her, I run down the road to the park and climb the tree. I open my laptop or my sketchbook, and I pour out love letters and meditations and e-courses. All the miracles inside me that I could possibly muster.

I’m shaking my head at the miracle of this.
I’m getting teary.

I can’t quite believe this is my job. Of helping women remember they are goddesses. It’s my sweetest, most precious dream come true. I am grateful for every damn moment of it. I get to be a mama. And a creative goddess. A writer. A maker. A dream-believer. Everything I’ve ever wanted to be. My heart is full.

And so, my darling. That’s my story of how I came to be a Business Goddess.

I have another huge, big, massive dream now.

I want to help you make your dream come true too. I want you to write me love letters from your ancient fig tree too. Or your studio. Or the local sushi & cupcake shop. I want to help you become a Business Goddess, and have a job that makes you shake your head and well up with tears and giggle with rapturous giggles. Coz yes, this can be yours too.

The Become a Business Goddess e-course

So for the last year, I’ve been pouring everything I know into creating the Become a Business Goddess e-course. It’s HUGE. Ginormous. Absoloodely all the wisdom & inspiration & guidance & genius bits I could muster.

You’ll get:

  • 8 Ways to make Money Online
  • The Blueprint of how I did it: with all ze juicy goss
  • The Practical Parts: website, pricing, techie bits
  • 100 Ways to market magically, mindfully & joyously
  • How to stay sane & joyful when business gets BUSY

AND some deeeelicious bonuses:

  • Profiles of Business Gods & Goddesses
  • The Becoming a Business Goddess workbook
  • The Magic Money Maker kit.

There’s over 150 pages of wisdom + genius + experience + love in this baby. All the business goddess goodness you could need.

This isn’t just an e-course for beginners.

I totally & firmly believe that EVERY goddess at EVERY stage of their business will get wisdom & mojo from this course… enough to make their money back ten times over. Coz that’s what I reckon a good business e-course should do. When ya put ze time & effort in, you should get 10x the amount back. AT LEAST.

So my darlinghearts. That’s the course.

The other important deets

When does it start?
May 1st.

How long does it go for?
I’m doing something COMPLETELY wackadoodle (by my standards). You get the FULL course & ALL the bonuses on day one.
Why? So you can start right where you need to. You can grab whatever your business needs right now. You can dive in & do it at the perfect Business Goddess speed for you.

So the answer? It goes for however long you need it to.

Sound rad?
Okay! Let’s play!

Basic Business Goddess.

You can get the Business Goddess e-course all on its lonesome for $79.

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VIP Business Goddess

But what I really recommend? Is grabbing a Goddess Circle membership instead. It’s only $99. It’s only $20 extra, but you get $700 more of my stuff (I KNOW. Crazy but true. All part of my grand Pour Lashings of Love On The World scheme. It makes me happy!). And you’ll get ALL my meditations, workbooks & other e-courses. AND a year’s access to the Goddess Circle private sanctuary, including the Business Goddess Circle. You can brainstorm it up & make miracles happen with all the other business goddesses. So that’s the option I’d recommend, not because it’s more expensive, but because it’s absoloodely all the support and love I can lavash upon you. I wanna be penpals with you when you’re sitting in a tree too remember? Business Goddesses forevaaaa!

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Let’s make magic happen!

Got questions dearest?

I’d so dearly love to help. Just pop me an email & I’ll do my ding dang darndest to help.

I am SO honoured to be here… and would be utterly delighted to help you on your beautiful journey to making your biggest dreams come true.

All the love in the world (and SO MUCH more!!!)