I’ve heard a lot about the work of Carry The Future – an organisation that meets refugees as they arrive into Greece and gift them with baby carriers to help parents easily transport them + hold them + give their children a safe, comforting place to sleep + watch the world (instead of… the pavement. This picture broke my heart.)


I’m starting a baby carrier drive for Australia. If you have a baby carrier you can donate, I would love for you to get involved. I have an Ergo that I carried both my girls in as babies that I’ll be sending along.

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“Many will be interested to know that about 40% of the carriers end up being worn by the father, not the mom. We have found Syrian and Afghan men to be super tender and gentle with their babies” – Carry The Refugees

I know the cost of sending carriers from Australia to Greece (or the US head office of Carry The Future) has prevented people from being able to donate. So I want to do something about it! My company will happily pay all shipping costs to get all baby carriers from Australia to Greece to get directly to the refugees. I just need you to send ’em my way.


Please send them to me at:

Carry The Future Australia Appeal
C/- Leonie Dawson
PO Box 3166
Weston Creek ACT 2611


Please send to me by Jan 15. I will send off all baby carriers by then.


To any:

  • friends
  • baby wearing groups


Donate to their head office in America, listed here on their website.

This is not an Afghan mom, a Syrian mom, a Greek mom or an Iraqi mom. This is a human mom.

This is not an Afghan mom, a Syrian mom, a Greek mom or an Iraqi mom. This is a human mom.


Q: What sort of baby carriers can I donate?

A: Please send us your gently used Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs). These are basically any carrier that has clasps or harnesses, and Mei Teis (square cloth with four ties). Our favorites are Baby Bjorn, Kolcraft, MobyGo, Mei Teis, Tulla and Ergo, but we accept all brands of SSCs.

Q: Why don’t you accept wraps, slings, pouches or other non-structured carriers?

A: We have to fit refugees in about 2 minutes flat, usually in very chaotic and crowded harbors, and without any spoken instructions (given that most don’t speak English). Because of that, wraps and slings are not a safe or efficient option. Structured carriers on the other hand are considerably more user friendly and have a much easier learning curve.


“We approached this family holding a large bundle of blankets and we assumed there was a baby wrapped inside. We gasped as they unwrapped this precious little one only week old. We dug through our bags to find an ergo, which we were saving for an extra special family. I definitely had to hold back the tears on this one. It felt amazing to know this bundle was safe on momma’s chest where they both could feel comforted.” – Carry The Future

Q: My carrier is broken/recalled. Should I send it?

A: No. We cannot repair carriers and we have to discard recalled ones. Please only send us a carrier you would also give to a close friend! Old carriers, worn carriers, faded carriers are perfectly ok to send, but please no broken or recalled ones!

Q: Can I include anything along with my carrier?

A: If you like, pin a note to the refugee who will be receiving your carrier by using a paper clip! If your carrier has a pocket, you can also stuff it with items such as: plush toy, baby/toddler socks/hat/mittens, high protein snacks and/or electrolyte or vitamin packets.


Q: Can I donate other items like toys or clothing to Carry The Future?

A: No.

Q: Can I donate funds instead?

A: Absolutely. Here’s the best way to do that.


Q: I don’t want to help with just carriers. What else can I do?

A: Sure. My company has also donated to the United Nations Refugee Crisis Appeal and Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

Let’s see how many we can get! I’ll send pictures of the packages as they come in!!!

Let’s change the world with our love…

Big big big love,


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