Hola my darling hearts,

If you are reading in a reader right now, pop over here to watch the Choosing Happiness video.

I’m in this amazing part of my life right now.

Immense transformation.

Letting go of my long mermaid hair of ten years

to make way for something totally new and alive.

I stood in the garden with my handfuls of hair

and placed it under a goddess statue

and these words came into my mind

and as soon as they touched air

I knew they were true:

I let go of who I was

in order to be

who I am.

It was an instantly made decision, this sacred hair chop of mine.

I’ve been wanting to do it for so long – and was afraid.

Of not being a mermaid anymore. Of not liking it. Of losing myself.

And one night standing inside the shower,

I asked:

What would I do if I felt free?

And the answer was:

Let go of my hair.

So the very next morning,

I stood in our backyard

with a big pair of scissors

and chopped.

Off went the giant pink floppy bun.

Off went the years.

And there in the garden,

with scissors that my love learned to use on Youtube,

we crafted a hairstyle together

that felt just right

for me

right now.

And damn it feels good.

In other news,

I have finally found my soul’s tribe here in Proserpine.

My group of women. My goddess circle.

How I’ve missed having a face-to-face posse.

I always say it takes about a year to settle into a new place and begin finding friends.

It was exactly a year for me

and one day

all the doors open

and miracle women poured into my life.

Today was spent

in a spontaneous road trip

and sitting in a fairy circle

circling with women

drinking tea, eating chocolate

and doing a shamanic healing

as Ostara traipsed around,

healing and giggling in that fairy way she does.

And I keep thinking about

how everything is pretty much a miracle

how much the world is changing

we are all evolving

there is such a quickening

and I am so damn in love with the world.

When women circle, miracles happen.


Next on the miracle-making agenda?

Create a Steiner school here in Proserpine

for all our beautiful crystal children to attend!


The video above?

Has nothing to do with anything of this.

Except for everything.


More Goddess TV here.


Also: am LOVING hearing your comments and feedback about how much the World’s Biggest Summit is helping, healing, transforming you. From this very full heart to yours… I am grateful. Yes. Let’s do this work together.


wild love, radiant circling, blissful dreams come true,