Hola gorgeous goddesses!

I totally believe that stories and art can change the world… and can change *us* in the process. So today’s post is a sharings post. Today I’ll be sharing about my own journey, sharing two stories of two Creative Goddesses, and passing on the talking stick to you to share if you are called.


The Talking Stick, Leonie style

There’s been a couple of observations I’ve made over the last little wheel {I meant to say while – but wheel feels more fitting. Like it’s the latest cycle of the wheel}.

So my observation: Negativity. Kinda heavy, right? Well – sorta. I wish to not *judge* myself here – just *observe*.

So my observation is this: Whenever I choose to engage in Negativity, I have a not-as-fun day. And just like when I make Fun & Joy, they can go out and make babies in the world, I kinda saw lately that if I make Negativity, they can go out and make babies in the world too. How we behave and the place we act from can affect our whole day – and the people in it.

And I totally want to delete that paragraph, but I’m gently reminding myself: not Judging it. Just Observing it.

Okay, so for example – the more I gossiped, the more I saw others begin to gossip. The more I complained, the more others did. And it just made me feel a little bit sad and stale inside. It didn’t make me feel good and shiny and happy.

So the beautiful lesson in this is how I realised just how much my day starts with me, and how *I* am in this world. If I can make it untasty with Negativity, surely I can make it about a thousand times MORE delicious by having a sassfabulous attitude?

It’s time to remember the lesson my Grand Mother teaches with her joyful attitude. Every time I ask her how she is, she says “Well, I woke up today, and I was breathing, and I thought TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GOOOOOOD DAY! And it IS!”

I love my Grand Mother, and I love Her lessons. And I’m glad to remember just why my attitude is so important. That’s powerful.

So… the talking stick moves to the two gorgeous Creative Goddess stories shared by two goddesses on opposite sides of the planet – one from the U.S., one from New Zealand.

The Creative Goddess Cat

The Goddess Lhia sent me in the photo at the top of this post which made me grin SO big. I think we may just have our first Creative Goddess Cat – here’s Boo Kitty with her Artist Goddess print. Lhia said Boo Kitty was as excited as her about it. Oh my precious heart, I don’t think it could be even more filled up. 🙂

When Ironing becomes Creative & Sacred

Then the Creative Goddess Belinda sent me these precious words…

I’ve just checked the mailbox and there was the most gorgeous Creative Goddes goody from you. It made my heart sing just to look at it and read it, and I’ve put it on the wall by the light switch so I can see it all the time. It has lifted my heart, which was already pretty happy after an awesome day of compost-making workshop, shared lunch and long talk with our hostess, who is a writer and artist. And now even though I’m doing mundane things like tidying the house, folding the washing and doing the dishes, I’m doing it all with light feet and a smile on my face. I feel like creativity comes in many forms, not just making pictures or writing stories, but even in the mundane and everyday like making the house clean and tidy, or weeding the garden (which I will do when the evening coolness comes). And now, the ironing beckons . . .

I wrote her back, asking if I could share her words, and she replied back with even MORE deliciousness:

Yes, absolutely you can share. I share my words freely (unlike my painting so far!!). But you will be pleased to know that the ironing was flagged in favour of playing with paints. In fact, I’ve just come back to the computer to download some photos I took today that I’m going to translate. New pastels to play with – what fun that will be! I don’t think I’ve touched pastels since primary school. I’ve taken to lurking in art supply shops and buying stuff to take home and experiment with.

LOVE.IT. About a thousand percent. *happy sigh*

So what about you?

I’d love to hear from *you*, gorgeous goddess.

If you’re signed up for the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle, tell me what called you to doing it, or what miracles have happened for you, or what feelings or fears have come up about it, or what you’d love to experience from it. I’d *love* to hear your sharings.

If you’re not signed up, let me know why – if you have any fears or concerns you might have about enrolling. I’d love to help if I can 🙂

Or – if you’ve got anything else you’d love to voice, share, and put out there… the talking stick awaits in the Comments section {and you can be anonymous if you wish to darlin}.

Hugging you big,

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