Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Today’s peek into a Creative Goddess Studio is muchos exciting… it is with the amazing Amy Zerner – a collage artist, fashion designer & creator of gorgeous, spirited books, kits and cards. So excited to feature Goddess Amy’s work + studio here!

I love to collage – I have been doing it for about 30 years, professionally.

I wake up each morning and go into my wonderful studio and create!

I have made over 1000 works of art. My collages illustrate over 40 books I have created with my husband, psychic & author Monte Farber. I am also a fashion designer and create one-of-a-kind fabric collage evening jackets sold exclusively through Bergdorf Goodman in NYC, and collected by many legendary goddesses- Liz Taylor, Shirley MacLaine, Patti LaBelle, Martha Stewart, and Oprah!

When I look back on my drawings and artwork as a child, I find collages with stars and hearts and princesses – many of the archetypal images that I use even now.

We are all collages – the way we dress – the way our homes look, our dressing tables. And a lot of the way we see things, our taste is comprehended in this same way. How does this picture look here – are the curtains the right color with the couch – are these earrings too long for my face? These are all judgements that we might bring down into the art of collage.

We all collect things – photographs, stones, shells, cards that your friends send, dried flowers from a trip. Collage can be a way of re-cycling – of creating a life story or a visual diary out of reminiscent objects or images that convey an important time in your life. You may make one once a year for a Christmas card – or we can identify some of our own personal symbols and incorporate them into a personal “inner” portrait – to capture our essence and make magic that way. To empower and imagine the way you might like things to be. To make a stage set, to act out your hopes and dreams.

Another way you might think of this collage piece is as a “treasure map” – you can even add words and affirmations to the image so that when you see it, it stimulates your confirmation of that goal: “Success” – “finding the perfect mate” –“good health”.

Often when I needed something, I find someone comes to the door with the exact right thing, right when I need it, or in the mail. It’s very nice.

There are no accidents – that is why collage is such a therapeutic technique. When we develop our abilities to visualize – we can achieve many goals – we can create our own reality.


Thank you so much, precious Amy, for your gorgeous insights into your creative goddess life.

To see more of Goddess Amy’s artworks & creations, head on over to the TheEnchantedWorld.com.

big love + sacred accidents + happy findings,


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