Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s that day again! Creative Goddess Sunday! Today’s the day I share with you a couple of the creative delights I’ve been making, and you can share yours.

Let the magic happen…

A few weeks ago I was feeling like I wanted to try something new. My two favourite Piscean girls were having birthdays so I decided to make them both a crystal necklace with some of their favourite totems on them.

I meditated as I created them, choosing what magic and energy I wanted to weave into it, picturing how they would feel when they wore it. They are filled with special symbols & crystals & magic for them.

And then I was so beaming with new creative energies that I created a brand for them – Enchanted Horsey designs – and photographed them with my Goddess HomeGirl, Quan Yin. Hee hee! 🙂

Melissa’s Soul Story

And then the lovely Melissa ordered a Deluxe Soul Story custom art to celebrate all the beauty, magnificence and wisdom inside and around her. Gosh that girl is loved! I just adored making this piece with her in all her favourite colours of rainbow jewels & peacock plumes.

In her words

I got the most beautiful email from Melissa when she received it…
*happy, happy sigh*

My beautiful, special, amazing painting has arrived and I just want to hold it and tell myself those things over and over again until I believe that they are true. Thank you for hearing my words and seeing me as I hope to be. I’m not ready to hang my Soul Story yet, I like to be able to have it in whichever room I am in for the time being.
– Melissa

I just adore that. So very, very much.

Passing the creative talking stick

So that’s me, gorgeous creative goddesses!
What’s been boiling in your creative pot lately?

Paint smears & angel hugs,

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