Hola gorgeous Goddesses,

It’s Sunday. Which means Creative Sunday! Wee! Today I share with you some of my latest creations, and share about what’s happening in my world.

The Talking Stick.

As always, the talking stick is available for soul and journey sharings. The talking stick is a Native American tradition used in circles. When you are holding the talking stick, you get to share unconditionally. When others are holding the talking stick, you get to listen unconditionally. It’s a way to share from your heart and spirit about your journey.

This is the space where I share about my Goddess Journey, and you can join in by taking the talking stick in the Comments circle. Weee!

Sunday. The day of burnt pancakes, and audio engineering, then finally – redemption.

If my day was one sentence, that would be it.

I started waking up wide eyed and buzzed – I opened the Goddess Circle for the Creative Goddess e-Course last night and dreamed all night about goddesses and circles and meeting each of the women. I was so excited I woke up at 6am this morning to see how the Goddesses were settling in.

I then proceeded to attempt to make pancakes as a gourmet Sunday brekky for my love, and managed to burn out a frying pan to that unsalvageable point. So he ate cereal instead. That’s Sunday romance. 🙂

Then I spent 6 hours trying to record a meditation MP3. First it was amusing. Then it was not. Then I got really, really grumpy. I raged and simpered and steamed at the software, the microphone, the editing process, the extra unexpected noises. I felt tied up in knots, with too little time and not enough knowledge. I hated on my recording – I wanted it to sound *beautiful* ya know? If only I had a recording studio to go to, I thought. If only I could walk in, speak my words, and walk out… and have something glossy and gorgeous to come out the end.

The Aha! moment

Then finally, I got the lesson. If something isn’t flowing – change course. Take a different direction. If you’re running into rocks and don’t change the course of your sail – guess what? You’ll keep hitting the rocks. Keep re-setting your sail in the direction of what you want, and follow the energy there.

I went outside, and meditated. And it only took a moment until I saw what I’d been missing.

– This is the funny part –

My dearest fiance is… an audio engineer. Yup. He used to work in radio stations. Why didn’t I see the opportunity before? I was so set on my sails of DOING IT that I didn’t see how to do things *gasp* differently – and better.

I pulled my love aside.

Hon… you know how you used to do audio engineering stuff?

Ah, yes.

You know what would be really great? If you and the computer could be like a recording studio. You set it up, and I’ll just come in and record what I want. Then, you could work your magic audio fingers, and make it sound beautiful. How does that sound?

Yeah, I could do that.

And so it was. I got that dream of mine – a path of ease and beauty – once I stepped back and saw new ways of possibility.

So my questions to share…
What are new ways you can do something you don’t like doing?
Who can support you?

If you stepped back when you’re sailing into the rocks, could you reset your sails?

Ok, now onto the Creativity! Weee!

So today, to cheer myself up from the burnt pancakes incident… I want to share one of my favourite Soul Story artworks. Why is it one of my favourites? Well… it’s of one of my favourite goddesses – the ever Swirly Ange. We’ve been mutual adoring fans of each other for – oh – years. And then we met in Brisbane a year ago. And then her fiance emailed me before Christmas to order her a Soul Story on canvas… including beautiful words of love for her. I now totally heart her *and* her fiance. So this is hers, in her favourite colours.

Then at way-too-early-o’clock, she emailed me on Christmas morning to *squee* over it. Which is totally what *I* would do. This was like confirmation of my adoration. If I needed anymore.
Thankyou SO MUCH for creating the most beautiful, perfect, soulful portrait for me! I LOVE it so much! In fact, I can’t stop looking at it and squealing ‘I love it! Best christmas EVER!!’ – can you imagine how impressed the sleepy boy is at 5.30am? Heheheheehehe. It is so beautiful and precious….. thankyouthankyouthankyou. I wish you were here so I could give you a big squishy hug and jump up and down squealing in delight with you! 😀 This is one of those times when I wish there was a bigger word than ‘thankyou’ ya know?!
I love her.

Okay sweet souls… That’s me for another Creative Sunday.
If you’d like to share about your blessings, challenges and journey, the talking stick is waiting in the Comments Circle.

Big love from me & Charlie,

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