Because Goddess Superheroes wear their big girl panties on the outside.
Me & two of my goddess sisters… Goddess Sone & Goddess Nixie!!!

Hola gorgeous Goddess!

So my darling goddess sister Marissa wrote a post.

One that I keep thinking about.

It’s called:

I Don’t Want To Run A Marathon.

And it’s all about how she had on her life list that she wanted to run a marathon.

But the thing is?

She hates running.

She wants to like it.

But, you know – she just doesn’t.

I hear you sister, I really do.

I would LOVE to be a runner.

But I’m not.

I’m a crazy dancer. An occasional kite-flyer. A newbie Zumbaite.

goddess frolicking

An occasional frolicker.

But a runner?

Anyways, Goddess Marissa took a big fat red pen to her Life List & cut out all the dreams that really didn’t make her sing. That didn’t feel like a good idea anymore. That felt more like a should than a want.

I was so flipping inspired, I did the same thing.

goddess smelling flowers

I want my Goddess Life List to be organic. Constantly growing and changing and shifting.

So I’ve now made a supplementary list:

The Things I Thought I Might Like To Do But I Don’t Think I Do Anymore And That’s Totally Perfect List!

AND I went the double-whammy of happy-optimisation, and added a

The Things I Have Done And They Were Ding Dang Fun List!

Because let’s face it. I’ve done some pretty flipping extraordinary things. And I want to celebrate how flipping awesome fun my life has always been.

You can check out all my lists here.


And this is the part where I tell you to ninja-chop out all the stuff that doesn’t belong on your Goddess Life List anymore.

But you totally already knew that anyway.

And maybe you will.

Maybe you won’t.

Maybe your Life List is perfect as it is.

Just like you are.

That’s all I wanted to say, dearest.

You don’t need to change who you are to be a Goddess.

Over & out, hottiecakes!