A beautiful splendourifis friend of mine

wrote recently in her blogger about Dawson’s Creek.

It made me smile so very much…

It reminded me of something that had lapsed into unconsciousness…

I was addicted to Dawson’s Creek.

So much so I could not watch it.

That sounds nuts I know…

but I am so so caught up in the will~they/won’t~they of Joey & Dawson

that I am overwhelmed by it

and overwhelmed by Dawson’s gorgeousness.

So overwhelmed that I cannot watch.

Only live vicariously through the TV ads and osmosis.

A few years ago, when I was a wee one of 17,

I was watching the show with my best friend

and was giggling and sniffelling and drooling away

she said to me ~ god you are really do love this Dawson fella don’t ya?

I replied ~ yup, I’m going to marry a Dawson one day.

One year later I met a certain someone called Chris at work.

I loved him instantly ~ his blue eyes and his aura.

I was inexplicably drawn to him.

I would blush wildly when he walked past

and kept telling myself ~ he wouldn’t be interested.

Everytime I told myself to let go of my crush on him,

I would find out something about him.

That his real name was Christian.

That he was a Scorpio too.

And later… that his last name was Dawson.

I couldn’t really fight against that could I?

I asked him on a date shortly after.

One month later he moved in.

Three and a half years on, we are still together.

So here I am.

With my life partner, Mr Dawson.

life imitating art?

love works in funny, magical ways…

and I am so very very blessed.

to meet the man who challenges me

and matches me on so many levels

I was so madly drawn to him from the beginning

and even now his earthy ethereal light still draws me…

we are but two children

on tractor tire tubes

holding hands, flicking water,

trailing fingers in the current, legs intertwined

floating down

Dawson’s Creek of Love