I told you I’d likely struggle to find time to write today. But here I am anyway.

It’s the last day of school, my kids are in two musical theatre performances and my right hand man who usually looks after most of the driving and logistics is sick. So I’ve been in the car since 7:30am, shuffling kids, running errands, heading home for a quick reprieve before we return for the afternoon performance.

I’m currently sitting on the school verandah, watching my kids get their faces repainted again into cats. My youngest just jumped on me and asked for a slow mo video of her being as wild cat savage as she can. And I’m carving in some writing time into the cracks.

I’m not going to lie: I’m exhausted. I’m getting to that point of sensory overwhelm that my outer vision is starting to blur. I will probably be mute by tonight, sleep at least 12 hours overnight, and spend the rest of the weekend in quiet repair.

I’m just holding onto dear life for school holidays. Two hours to go. TWO HOURS TO GO! I can do this.

I’ve got some new things I need to start creating – a course, a webinar or two, some opt-ins. I need to work out a way to keep writing and do them, somehow. That, or just remember that as long as I’m creating, it doesn’t matter in what format.


Kate from Australian Wildlife Conservancy called me today for a quick yarn. She was so bloody excited about our donation, and invited us out to volunteer on the land they are buying for conservation. Our names will even end up on a motherfucking plaque. I think I’ve never felt so rich person as getting to do something like this. Help buy land to keep the platypus alive? THAT’S THE KIND OF RICH PERSON I WANT TO BE.


I’ve been on a streak of kind of shit graphic novels lately, which surprises me. I’ve never really met a graphic novel I didn’t like before, but with these ones I’ve quickly lost interest and stopped reading. I’m not going to name and shame them, but let’s just say they won’t end up in my Best Books List for this year. That’s probably a good thing… I’ve already got over 50 on there. I had to have a dry spell at some point!


I think I might need to go have a nap in the car. Or order some Menulog to the school verandah. Can you get a Deliveroo order of a sensory deprivation chamber? Just asking for a friend. And by a friend, I mean MEEEEE.


An hour later. I drove to the nearest restaurant & got some early dinner by myself. When the waitress asked me where I wanted to sit I said “the quietest and darkest corner you have.” She laughed, but I was deadly serious.

I got some Spicy Korean Bao Buns and I ate the FUCK out of them. I ate them out like they’ve never been eaten out before. I am proud of my achievement in this endeavour.


I have nothing more to tell you today… just that I made it.

Maybe one day I’ll have deeper insights than this.

But for today, I made it.

And that’s more than good enough.


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