goddess labyrinth

Dearest darling goddess,

I just want you to know you are safe.

You are okay.

It’s okay that you’ve done what you needed to do.

It’s okay.

Lay down the measuring stick that you use to discover the ways you don’t measure up, or down, or sideways.

Lay down the whipping stick you use to flail yourself into action, thinking that’s the only way you ever get anywhere, do anything, accomplish those Goals with a capital G.

Lay down all the things that hurt. All the things that you Should be doing, not want to do or believe in doing.

As a soul, you will always measure up.

You will always measure up to me. To love. To Great Spirit. To the ones that know.

As a soul, you do not need to hurt in order to be the best you can be.

As a soul, you will always be loved.

You will always be worth it. Beautiful. Valuable. Precious. Needed.

Always, always, ALWAYS.

You will never need to change or push or do more in order to be worth it.

You will always – always – be loved.

There is nowhere else you have to be. Nothing else you need to be doing. Nobody else you need to be.

You will always – always – be loved.

Thank you for you.

Wise, precious, beautiful, loving you.

You will always – always – be loved.

loving me, loving you,

P.S. As I went to publish this, I realised this is my 1501st blog post. The picture at the top of this post? It was one of the first photos I blogged. It was my first goddess circle. My first labyrinth. It was around this time that I knew that I would be a part of women’s circles for the rest of my life.

After 1500 posts and six years, I’m so grateful to still be here. Still writing my heart out. Still learning what it is to be a goddess, a woman. Still sharing this profound, precious journey with you. Some of you have been here since from the very start. Some of you have been here for a few years. Some of you have been here since last week. No matter what time we’ve walked this path together, it has all mattered. It’s all been profound. You have touched me with your presence, your sisterhood and your grace.

Thank you, dearest heart. Again and again, over and over. This has changed my life.