If you have already purchased one or more of these courses, you don’t need to do anything. You don’t need to repurchase. Okay! Onwards!

Panda bears,

Big news to share with you today –

On 30 April, I will be DOUBLING the price of 3 of my most popular programs:


I’m telling you NOW with this much advance notice so that you can grab any you’ve been thinking of getting NOW to save yourself lots of moolah.

You will get:


  • permanent access to the course (at least 12 months)
  • complimentary access to future live rounds
  • comprehensive training from an industry leader, best-selling author & self made multi-millionaire.

… all at a bargain price!

Want to listen to this instead? SURE! GO RIGHT AHEAD!


If you have already purchased one or more of these courses, you don’t need to do anything. You don’t need to repurchase. Okay! Onwards!

Why am I raising my prices?

A few reasons! And because I am the Queen of Oversharing, allow me to discuss these in full now! HO HO HO!

I want to acknowledge how much valuable information is in these programs – the culmination of my experience and knowledge in creating $11 million in revenue, being a permanent creative force online since 2004 and spending close to $200,000 in my own business education.

You still get a ripper fucking deal with my programs. Comparison programs are often priced at US$2k, so I’m still one tenth the price even when I do double prices. I tend to sell on the cheaper side because I prefer helping more people rather than less people.

Are my programs one tenth the VALUE of other programs? Fuck no. I teach the same, if not more than most. Plus when compared to 99% of other teachers, I’ve taught more than most (tens of thousands of people in hundreds of programs) and I have a better business success rate than 99% of teachers as well. 

My students get fucking rad results when they use my programs. I’m talking $100,000 in a year from taking one $99 course with me. Picture Paris Hilton in the early 2000’s: that’s hotttttt.

All of that barnacling to say: I know what the fuck I’m talking about, what I’m teaching about, and I know what results students can get when they do the work.

When people ask me how to decide on pricing I always say:

“There’s no wrong answer. You can charge less and sell to more. You can charge more and sell to less. What matters is how YOU feel about the price you’re charging. Whether it feels in alignment with you and a good fit for where you are right now, and what your goals are.”

In the past six months or so, I’ve been getting an intuitive nudge that it was time for some of my courses to have a price increase.

I’ve charged all kinds of different pricing over the decades of my business. I’ve charged up to $6,000 for a high level coaching program. I’ve charged up to $1,000 a year for access to my courses for a year. I’m fine with moving around on pricing to see what feels great for me as a creator.

What’s most important is for me to feel aligned with my course prices – that it feels like a good and right exchange for me and my customers. Doubling the price for Money, Manifesting & Multiple Streams of Income , 40 Days To Create & Sell Your E-Course and 40 Days To Finish Your Book feels aligned & like the right fit.

Lastly – I have a bunch of short workshops that I want to release in the future on a bunch of topics. They will be much shorter than my usual length of courses, but still full of high-quality, impactful content. I wanted to differentiate the price between my larger programs & these shorter workshops, but I felt deeply uncomfortable with selling them for $50-$60. That didn’t feel enough of an energy exchange for me to make that creative expenditure worthwhile – it would feel like I was ripping myself off. You gotta listen to those feelings ya know – otherwise you procrastinate on creating it because you don’t feel great about it or if you do create it – you feel resentful and that energy imbues the creations. It’s just not good all round. So by increasing prices on my more intensive programs, I have more breathing room to choose a smaller price point for smaller workshops that still feels aligned for me.

We will also continue offering payment plans for programs to make it easier to budget for them, and will also regularly offer scholarships for live rounds as well.

Your Questions, Pre-Emptively Answered Like I’m Fucking Psychic Or Something

What about the price of your other courses?

There are no changes to the price of Sales Star, Anxiety Balm or Soul Care For Uncertain Times at this point.

Why do you charge in US $?

Because about 60% of my sales come from the US, 20% comes from the UK and less than 20% come from Australia. So it makes sense for me to charge in the currency that the vast majority of my customers use.

I have feelings and judgments about you raising your prices!

You are most welcome to your feelings. You have the right to feel however you feel about anything and everything, including what I choose to charge for my work.

Please know, however, that I am not interested in hearing this feedback, nor are my staff. I can only make the right decisions for me as a creator, and I know that my decisions will not always please everyone.

If I’m not the right teacher for you because of a price increase, please do find the person who resonates with you instead. I send you love and good blessings for your journey!

Can I get them on payment plan at the discount rate before they go up?

Yes! All of them are available on payment plans!

How did you get so hot?

Baby, I was born this wayyyyyy.

What if I want all of them?

Great idea! Get them all! They are bloody bonza and work brilliantly together!

How long do I get access to the programs?

You’ll get access for at LEAST 12 months. You’ll have access for as long as I offer the program. You’ll also receive complementary access to all future live rounds with group coaching calls.

Here’s how much time you have left to grab courses before prices double:

Make sure you get in now before the price DOUBLES!

Don’t put it off, and don’t forget.

Any questions?

Just email We’re here to help!

Big love & gratitude,