Support comes in many forms…

Hola beautiful goddesses!

This is a big one to write. A very big one.

Basically… to summarise…

*big breath*

I am now on email hiatus.

What does that mean?

From now on, I won’t be the Goddess Who Answers Emails. You’ll be taken care of by my lovely support crew instead.

Why oh why?

I’ve been wanting this for a really long time. Mostly because taking care of an inbox that can get up to 200 or so emails a day is incredibly draining.

And here’s the thing: I love, love, love what I do. I love Goddess Guidebook. I love what we are creating here. I love helping goddesses. I love creating lovely things that help goddesses. I love all of you.

But I don’t love getting drained. I don’t love opening up my emails and feeling utterly overwhelmed by all the emails. I don’t love that my inbox takes up 80% of my work time.

That’s really scary to write that… that 80% of my time spent in my passion is doing something that isn’t what I need to be doing.

I love love love connecting with all of you goddesses – but when it’s getting to the point that I’m wanting to cry when I think about my inbox? That’s just so not helpful… to you, or to me.

And I’ve got a list of sixty new projects that I want to be working on – ideas that totally fill my heart up with joy – things that goddesses keep asking me for – goodies that I think will really help more goddesses. And they aren’t getting done.

Plus… in about nine weeks or so, my whole life is about to change. Our Little Mermaid is due to arrive in the world, and needs me to be her mama.

There’s only so many things I can keep in my wagon… and email isn’t one of them.

When I was growing up, there were two things I wanted to be in the world:

an artist/writer/person who changes the world & a mama.

And I’m trying to work out how I can possibly do the two.

Right now? Totally not possible. Not if I’m doing everything. Not if I’m answering so many emails.

I need some more breathing space in my life. I need to know that I’m helping as many goddesses as I can with my time – not just mindlessly trying to get to Inbox Zen. I need to know I can have a business that doesn’t swallow me whole. I need to know I can be a good mama. I need to give precedence to Little Mermaid over my inbox.

How you are going to be taken care of

My biggest worry about this whole thing from this is making sure that all of you precious goddesses are taken care of.

I’ve enlisted a few beautiful souls who will be answering emails about:

  • courses
  • meditations
  • kits
  • advertising & sponsorship
  • interviews.

There’s three lovely souls who will be helping out:

Goddess Sone is still running Goddess School for me and taking care of course emails.

And I’m so excited to announce the lovely Goddess Marissa will be a Support Sprite with emails.

And you may even hear from my sweet hunkaspunky Chris whenever I need his Tech Support God-ness.

Just to make it really beautiful and clear with good boundaries, my lovely Goddess (+God) support crew won’t be able to help with personal, spiritual or creative questions. They are there to make sure goddesses who have purchased goddess goodies are able to get them perfectly.

If you have a personal, spiritual, creative or other kind of question, the best way I can answer it is if you ask it here. It can be anonymous if you like. I try and answer them with blog posts as much as I can and where I have energy.

How to connect with me…

I still read every blog comment, and hang out in the Comments Circle as much as possible.

With more time and energy, I’ll be able to keep writing here at Goddess Guidebook – and hopefully write even more good yummy goddess helpfulness.

And be able to keep making kits and courses and meditations that really, really help lovely goddesses.

I’m so committed to our little temple of goddesses here. I’m also utterly committed to finding a way of living and working that is joyful and sustainable and possible for me.

The Way Forward…

So what’s really going to change here? Not really that much I hope!

I’ll still be here, blogging away.

And I’ll still be sitting in the Comments Circle.

And if you need a hand with your goddess goodies, you’ll be taken care of by some truly gorgeous souls. We’re just making the Goddess Guidebook family bigger… with all the more love to share around.

Got questions? To the comments circle, dearest!

Thank you so much for being here, sweet soul. I so hope you can understand my choices in this. It’s been such a big one that has sat on my heart for so long.

Thank you for understanding, for honouring… for walking this beautiful path with me.

big love to you,