cousins and sisters and Grand-Mothers and soulmates = family

And all at once,
the girl remembered where her home was.

In the bosom of her heartland mountains,
in the arms of her tribe.

And some soul~tunes to play along at home…

“Cause everyone I love is here,
Take me home. Take me home.

Once in a while I return to the fold
With people I call my own

Even if time is just a flicker of light
And we all have to die alone

What does it mean when you belong to someone
When you’re born with a name, when you carry it on

It means that I won’t give in, won’t give in, won’t give in
‘Cause everyone I love is here

All at once, and I’ll show you how to get here”

~ Finn Brothers, Won’t Give In

I’m feeling very very blessed

and very very soaked with love.

I have a homeland that is paradise,
a GrandMother who is a magnificent and inspiring tribal elder
and a big crazy family who loves each other.

I am one lucky girl.

with love and light,

P.S. Thank you deeply for all the comments celebrating Magnificent Marion. I am so grateful for the outpouring of love and joy. I absolutely feel like the world is a better place for our crones, and our communities who celebrate them.

Every day is a good one.