I had the most eye opening conversation

My dear friend at work, the purple headed goddess

came to my desk for a SARK card

And she told me about a new age workshop she went to a couple of years back

and the speaker asked

If god came to earth, where would he hide so no one would find him?

In a person’s body.


Because no one thinks to look there.

We never take the time to look in another’s eyes and see the *angel* in there. It only takes a couple of minutes of looking to see it.

We are all each other’s angels.

And with that, she looked at me, and I looked at her.

And we looked into each other.

As simple as that.

And it was beautiful.

SHE is beautiful.

The interaction was beautiful.

I am entirely grateful for her lovely purple haired presence in my life.

The angels are made from Post-it notes, I made them for the purple haired goddess and my succulent supervisor. Both are angels in my life. The beaded angel is a gift from my succulent supervisor.