i’ve started a new practice of collaging every.day.
even if it’s just out of office bits and pieces during my lunch hour.
i like the effects this has had on my life. it’s like all parts of leonie get a go during the day.
i fell asleep last night visioning two creamy circles painted over a textured background.
i love that my eyes see something beautiful everyday, that my hands get to move, my inner child gets to play… i just get to CREATE. the sheer joy of creation, without expectation. tomorrow is a new day and a new page and a new chance to fill space with colours and patterning and lines and words. it is like a meditation. sometimes i grab my scissors, journal and trusty craft glue, and plant myself on the floor of my studio ~ it feels more organic that way.

you can view the whole set (so far) at my flickr journal set.

also, in the divine creation department:
:: check out the divine artists creating in their moleskines here.
:: gail‘s words are literally soaked with grace.
:: a dear friend just sent me a photo of her prototype bracelets, combining crystals and earthly gifts. my stomach turned inside out with sheer joy at her creation. can’t WAIT to see this earth mama’s bracelet business begin.

and may creativity turn you inside out with glee,