1. Some moments I am filled with grace and faith and trust. Other moments I am sad sad sad, feeling like there is a Justin-shaped hole in the world.

2. You know what be awesome? If they could update Facebook from heaven. Can we start a Facebook group for that? And we all LIKE the dinger out of it?

How good would it be to get status updates from the rainbow side? Photos uploaded? A chat here or there? I’d even be down with hearing about their latest FarmVille escapades, ya know.

Surely it shouldn’t be that hard. Heaven must have wifi. They probably have ADSL3, the lucky buggers. Riding around on unicorns with gleaming white iPads.

We just need the Heaven-Earth connectivity app and we’d be right.

Who’s with me?

3. Having said that, I have been using Heaven-Earth dial-up (aka intuition) and I know he’s happy and that my brother is taking care of him. Thanks big bro! You are the bestest!

I also know that there’s more messages to come in time, and things will get a little clearer but for now, I’m keeping my heart filled with what I do know.

4. I also know I will forget again and lose my faith and that will be okay. I also also know that I’ll keep finding that faith and grace again, no matter how many times I lose it, because it’s all around me. It’s what is really true.

5. Three days until we move. Oh my goddess grace. I’m going home to the place I belong. I need it and it needs me. I’ve got grand plans and small plans. Plans of vegetable patches and a new timber fence. Plans of friends visiting. Plans of creating a retreat. Plans of finding the owners of the acreages at Crystalbrook Retreat. Plans of doing lightwork at the sacred places, and opening up some energy vortexes there. I was talking to my lovely friend Akiah the other day – and we had exactly the same places in mind that have vortexes!

And I know vortexes is a strange sci-fi kinda word. I don’t know what other word to use though. It’s when it feels like there is a big swirl of energy coming out of the ground. Have you ever felt that? What do you call them?

6. Which reminds me of the first retreat I ran. We were looking for a place to make a labyrinth at Ingelara Retreat, and all the goddesses headed off on their own into the bush to find the right spot. And every single one of them found a special place that had such different earth energy. There was one spot that made you giggle with joy, another spot that felt like it had very old ceremonial energy, another spot that made you feel like you were flying like an eagle. It was one of the most amazing afternoons I’ve ever experienced!

We ended up creating the labyrinth beneath an old mama tree. It felt very safe and healing.

7. The crystal labyrinth I created at Crystalbrook Retreat is next to a riverbed. My big sister found the energy centre for it. She likes to pretend sometimes that she’s not psychic, but THE SECRET IS OUT PEOPLE! She’s actually one of the most gifted seers I know.

8. Yes, I’m one of those pushy younger sister types. Hee!

9. Are you ready for photos and video tsunami from tropical paradise?

10. Last week I had a dream about what my Next Big Thing will be. And it is totally nutty but I am absolutely certain of it, right in my very soul of soul. I have a clear vision of it – so I know that’s what I need to do. I glow when I think about it. I’ll be opening it up as soon as we are settled in Proserpine and I can make sure I can take care of everyone properly. Glowing. Like a beacon. Thrilled. In the very bestest of ways. I think you might really, really love this.

11. Starry is asleep beside me as I type this on my little iTouch. My love is next to her, reading a book on writing. I am truly blessed. Thank you Great Spirit.

12. Wherever we go, we leave magic chunks and love glitter in our trail…

13. There’s life in all of this. In all its splendidness. In the grief and the gladness. In the loss and in the gift. In creating and dreaming. In energy spaces and family. All of it. May I give thanks…

And most importantly, thank you for YOU. This goddess tribe? It’s the dearest circle of teachers, sisters, kindred spirits, muses and friends I could ever ask for.

Thank you for always reminding me of my wings.

Thank you for always showing me yours.