ANOTHER UPDATE: All reading/coaching sessions are claimed… I’ll let you know when I’m offering them again 🙂 Thanks dearhearts!

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

I’ve had a few questions about the limited special-price Goddess Coaching/Reading sessions I’m running next week. And when you’ve got questions – I answer them. If you’ve got fears/questions/concerns, this is like a Spa session for them to meeellllttttt away. 🙂

So what exactly is a Goddess Reading/Coaching session?

The Goddess Readings are similar to a tarot card reading in some ways – but has a different Goddess Leonie kind of feel to it. I use some of my oracle card decks to do the reading, and together we’ll look at what’s in your energy at the moment and what you can do to work with it. I’ll give you a choice of oracle card sets to choose from, and we’ll do the reading from them.

These sessions are about finding a kind of clarity about where you are at, and finding beautiful new ways to work with and through the energy to feel even happier, peaceful and grounded.

I combine Goddess Coaching with the reading because I’m kind of great at helping people find their path forward, embracing their dreams, doing what they really want to be doing and grooving to the dance of their own song. 🙂

What if something comes up that isn’t good?

A few things I want to talk about here:

1.} I’m not a Prophet of Doom. hee hee hee. I wanted to use those words because they make me *gigglesnort*. But seriously – I don’t do readings that make you worry about the future. Instead, we’ll be looking at what’s in your energy now, what are some new perspectives and wisdom to apply like a loving balm, and empowering you to create a beautiful journey ahead of you.
2.} I use oracle cards – not tarot cards – which resonate with my philosophy. That means there are no scary looking or named cards – only cards that remind you of the beauty and love that surrounds you, and new lessons to learn to help you on your journey.
3.} Whatever comes up with the reading will be perfect – just the right amount that you are ready to heal, look at and grow though right now.

I’ve got loads of stuff going on right now. I don’t want to dump on you!

Thank you for being concerned sweetie – but it doesn’t work like that for me. What happens is you share what’s on your heart and soul – and I listen and respond. No dumping happening there.

Here’s my happy list of things to do in Goddess Reading/Coaching sessions:
* listen gently
* offer a space to help you access your inner wisdom and intuition
* trust my intuition in reading oracle cards
* provide a new spirited perspective
* offer what wisdom, stories and advice comes up through me
* and help you craft your joyful, peaceful, creative journey forwards.



I’m offering these now if you need some extra joy, peace and clarity for the celebration season and New Year.

If you’re feeling called, check out the details and sign up here.

Mmmmmm… spa time for the questions in our soul….

That felt rather rejuvenating. You know when you spend enough time in a spa that your legs become liquid heaven and you’re not quite sure if you will be able to walk when you get out, but then you can, and you feel like heaven? Mmmm, that’s kinda how I’m feeling right now, ephemerally.

Got any questions dearheart? Meet me in the spa, I mean comments section. I’ll bring the strawberries and cinnamon biscuits and mango smoothies. To eat spa-side of course!

Big love,

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