into the flow

(me & a soul-brother-of-my-childlike-heart, the awesome Nick. years ago. celebrating the arrival of spring.)


I’ve been thinking about

being in the flow


Not just in the hippy dippy sense.

Not in the creative sense.

But in that:

I’m actually in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.

Here’s how I know:


I’m sitting here in the village.

My (darling, beloved) kidliwinks are driving me batty at home at the moment when I try to work.

So I escape up the street. Leave my husbo to tend to them.

I never know what direction these afternoons on my own will take.

Where I will sit. What I will eat. If I’ll get a reading, a healing, a foot massage.

I try and follow my intuition as best as possible.

What feels right? What do I need most now?

Today, the right answer feels like:

Sit at the long wooden bench looking over the rainforest.

Eat japanese food, green smoothie, raw chocolate tart.

Don’t go anywhere else. Just be here now.

Learn and create.



There is a tap on my shoulder.

A smiling woman with silver hair wants to talk.

Her name is Pejuta.

I have been looking for her for two years.


Two years ago we moved here.

I was looking for a women’s circle.

I couldn’t find the right one.

I tried and tried but none felt right.

I kept being told:

Find Pejuta. She’s the one for you.

But I couldn’t find her.

Kept getting one step away only it for not to eventuate.

Then I got sick.

And I heard through the village grapevine she was sick too.


A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a new healer in the markets.

I got that familiar soul ding.

The ding of:

Take notice. This is the way.

So I rolled up. Told him I’d like to try pulsing.

Gotta be up for trying new things, ya know?

It ended up being profound and powerful.

His presence is like being in front of a zen monk.

He gets to know me. Gets to know that I like to sit at the long wooden table just up the market from him.

And today, when he has an old friend named Pejuta visit, he tells her:

You should go meet Leonie. She’s just up there.

And so she does.


Little coincidences, serendipities, everyday miracles like this.

They’ve been happening more and more lately.

They always tell me I’m on the right path.

That I’ve heard my gut.

That it’s all just working out.

That I’m in the flow.


Yesterday I had a green smoothie craving.

Even though I was supposed to be painting bedrooms.

Took my girls up to the markets.

Sit and wait for my favourite concoction to be made.

A woman approaches, smiles, hugs me.

She’s been reading my work for years, was visiting Kuranda, just wanted to meet me before she left.

She was just about to get into her car to drive home.

We were both gigglesy at the joy of everyday miracles.

I had the biggest grin:

The right place, the right time, the right people, the right thing.


Some days, me and Chris like to laugh.

If we’re walking around, bumping into things, getting lost, dropping things…

we say:

We’re not in the flow. Gotta jump back into it.

And we’ll jump around the house sideways like loons

until we feel like we’re back in the flow.

As though goodness and everyday miracles are just a metre ahead or to the side of us.

That’s what it feels like.


Some days we manage the leap.

Some days we don’t.

We keep leaping anyway.


Ever feel like that?

Big love, and everyday miracles,