Growth Summit Notes

Why hello kittens!

Long time no see, right?

I took a creative hiatus after launching the 2015 workbooks and moving from the top of the country to Tasmania. (YES! I’m here! And it’s beautiful and it feels like HOME).

But yes, after all those months of moving + launching, I was feeling a bit burnt out. Not just that, but I had this deep feeling that I had a business attunement waiting for me. One that I would only be able to hear + receive if I just STOPPED FUCKING DOING ALREADY.

I needed to get still. I needed to make art. I need to cry. I needed to get away. I needed to write in my journal. I needed to care for myself.

So I ended up hiring a stunning little turquoise cabin that looked over the ocean, and would go there in the afternoons.

And I did exactly that.

Screenshot 2015-03-06 14.12.02

Most of all, I didn’t work.

I just sat, waiting for all the parts of me to come back together again.

And they slowly did. Not always neatly. Some with snot. Some with writing to friends. Some with putting paint on paper and splashing and not making anything decent looking, just making it for me. Some with just foregoing the business books and electing to watch Notting Hill instead. (Spoiler alert: It is just as exquisite as it always is. You have big feet. Yes, well I suppose I do. You know what they say about big feet? No, I don’t believe I do. Big feet… large… shoes.)

We need quiet. We need nothingness. We need solitude and stillness.

Well, I sure as fuck do anyway. I’ve decided it’s essential to my thriving. I’m thinking of having the turquoise cabin permanently.

Anywaysies, after all that, I flew to Melbourne for my VERY! FIRST! BUSINESS! CONFERENCE!

I can’t even tell you how exquisitely excited I was (and still am).

It’s funny. I feel like I’ve created my million dollar company in total isolation, living in remote northern Queensland, so far removed from the cities and conferences and people and possibilities. And now with this move to Tasmania (which I have fallen head-first in deep love with), I feel like I’m back in connection with the rest of Australia… and the rest of the world. I was OVERJOYED when Chris gave me the go ahead to book tickets – my first time away from baby Beth.

The best part is that the conference had two of my absolute rockstar favourite business authors from the US speaking – Jim Collins + Verne Harnish. I hadn’t read any of Liz Wiseman‘s books yet, but knew she would be amazing too because of the calibre of the conference.

I just had this very deep sense that the conference would help me think bigger + see the next field of what is possible. I wanted to expand my mind and heart to the next level.

So off I flew.

And now, more than ever, I am CONVINCED that business teachings are the same as deep, profound SPIRITUAL truths. And that those teachers at that conference were living Earth Angels. Especially Jimbo Jimmy Collins who had me in tears on the regular.

Anywaysies, the best way I know for me to soak new knowledge into my bones is by drawing + illustrating my conference notes. It helps me comprehend things better. I started just by doing it for me, and then I started photographing it on my camera and texting it to my COO. And I popped up an Instagram, and got a flood of comments of peeps who were getting a lot out of it, so I kept doing it. And ya’ll seemed to dig ’em a lot too, and bunches of peeps asked for it to be scanned into an ebook.

And that sounded like a fun thing to do.

So here it is, treasures.


Growth Summit Notes


In it you’ll find:

  • How To Create A Great Company
  • How To Hire + Manage People Better
  • Habits Of Successful People
  • How To Become The Leader You Need To Be
  • How To Do Work That Matters

Download ’em. Soak in the wisdom. Share it along. Check out their brilliant books. Get to a Growth Summit if you can.

What a magical time.

I’m beyond grateful.

And utterly EXCITED for what is next.

Always love,