So panda bears!

I’ve been reading this book:


Trust me, I don’t instinctively and naturally hunt and gather Bear Gryll’s books.

But the hunky monkey hubster read it and told me I needed to READ IT RIGHT NOW.

Which = Code Red = Urgent = Highest Priority Readurgency. (Like an emergency. But like a book you must read this instant.)

So anyways, I promptly ignored him.

(Because, you know, when you really really love someone sometimes and you’ve been in mad love with them for 13 years… you sometimes ignore what they say and carry on frolicking.)

That was months ago and I’ve only just started reading it.

And he was right. As he always is.

Good, useful book on motivation.

And I’m all


(Because sometimes when you love someone very much, you get to drive them batty.)

It’s chockfulla wisdom it is.

But this certain piece leapt out at me.

And I wanted to make it all pretty to hang in my office.

So I gots out my watercolours + had some delightful time with colour + water + brushes + fuckiloveartforever.

And I thought I’d give it to you to.

Print away, share away.

If ya like it, LIKE it. And pass the good stuff along to peeps. Share it along if ya want more treaties like this… then I’ll make it an el priority with my watercolours! Hot date with da paints!

High fives!


L Burger

P.S. Weeeeeird but true but fun — I read Bear’s books with his voice in my head. Actually, anytime I know the sound of the voice of any author, I can hear them reading it too me. It’s like a built in audio book! Two for da price of one! Weeee!