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Hola dearests,


Thanks for sticking with me during our Shining September Sale.

If you’re a new Academy member, I’m so glad to be serving you.

And if the Academy isn’t right for you at this point, that’s cool too.

We’re switching gears now + are so excited to continue sending you good and beautiful and wonderful things to inspire your life, soul, creativity + business.

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So… gift time!

I’ve been working on this one for about six months now… in the garden, at night, at conferences, as we moved from Hobart to Canberra, in hotel rooms…

Stolen moments of art… to make you…

A 100+ page colouring book

chockablock full of inspiration for you to colour

Our last colouring book was a huge hit for adults + children alike. And I know many of you are getting a bit tired of colouring the same 20 pages over and over again.

These 100+ pages will keep you going for MONTHS I reckon!!! As well as giving you some beautiful art to put on your walls + in your journals.

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I was just reading the New Scientist magazine on the dunny…

(I KNOW. I KNOW! But to be fair, you really should be used to these kinds of conversational turns from me by now!)


They have now done research into how the brain changes when colouring is being done + it’s actually bloody beneficial! (Carl Jung even prescribed colouring to patients!!!!!)

Colouring can help you:

  • calm the amygdala (the fear centre of the brain)
  • improve your vision and fine motor skills (and can delay or prevent the onset of dementia)
  • increase your ability to focus
  • causing feelings of relaxation + the reduction of stress
  • increase alpha brain waves (similar to those experienced inmeditation!)

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And do share it along with your friends too… double the joy!

Wishing you a gorgeous week…