Dearest goddess sister,

Story time.

Long ago, I made her. On a night when the moon was round and cast glow over my studio table. She poured out then, from ink and rainbow and love.

I forgot about her. Until she raised her head and her voice and said to me:


It is time.

It’s time for me

to go out into the world.

To find my wings

and be set free.

I have friends to make

hearts to touch

songs to sing

and love to live.

Are you sure?

I asked.

But of course she was.

So I did the only thing I could do for her

I wrapped her a basket

filled with all she needed

a little cheese,

some sparkling lemonade,

a good book

and a piece of smoky quartz

so she knew she was loved.

I whispered to her all the secrets I knew.

I hoped they would help her.

But of course she knew them already.

She’s just a poster of course.

But she has a destiny beyond me.

She has songs to sing

and lives to touch

and rainbows to spill

and a journey that is just for her.

She’s just a poster of course

but she’s also all of us. All of me and all of you.

My grandmother and my mother and my daughter and you.

All that’s come before and all that’s come after.

She’s all the love that ever was, and all that still is.

She’s The Truth.

One day, a poster talked to me. She came to me long ago, and today’s the day she leaves.

She wants to offer herself to you.

Give herself to you.

Print her. Display her. Share her. Give her away.

Whatever sings in your heart. However you feel called to love.

She’s just fulfilling her destiny…

of being born to love you.

May you remember. May you always know.

I love you with as much as I can,