This is why I love my girls:

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From: Allan, Leonie

Sent: Friday, 22 October 2004 10:35 AM

To: Koneska, Lile; Namara, Deb

Hello there my beautiful friends 🙂 Any ideas on how to spend our lovely lunch hour? I’d like to do something quiet and homely and sharing, but I am certainly up to anything! 😀

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From: Namara, Deb

Sent: Friday, 22 October 2004 10:39 AM

To: Allan, Leonie; Koneska, Lile

It’s such a perfect day for sitting in a quiet, warm cave and eating yummy stuff and telling (more) secrets. We could commandeer Mike’s office and close the blinds and lock the door and light some candles (I have some candles!). Let me know what you think, but like Leonie, I am up for anything.


Today me and my beautiful friends ~ Lile and Deb went to the park for lunch.

When we walked into the park, Deb made us stop and smell the grass, the flowers, the damp, the rain, the trees.

Then we looked up and stared at the wonder of the overhead trees, and the shape of leaves, and the sky above.

We tiptoed over puddles, and revelled in the softest rain, barely there, but sweetly tangable.

We ate homemade risottos under a pagoda.

It was cool and rainy, and we were surrounded by green park and forests.

We giggled and shared stories and became surrounded by a group of teenage girls.

After they had left, we stood in the middle of the pagoda, right at its very centre, and we chose angel cards.

Deb ~ Enchantment; Lile ~ Emerging; Me ~ Friendships.

The friendships card was last, and was such a beautiful experience. The card has three angels on it, and we chose which one of it we were. And as we looked in the picture, we saw the reflection of the world we were standing in. The bird; the trees; the roses; the cards; the ambiance ~ all that was in the picture was in our pagoda and the softly dripping park. Such incredible synchronicities and beauty. As Deb read the card out to us, we stood, with arms around each other, and just soaked it all in.

Then we visited the Gandhi statue, and marvelled at him, and wondered over his quotes, and I kissed his sandalled toe. Then we plucked colourful flowers, put them in our hair, and walked arm in arm back to walk.

The power of three. As Deb said: Women weave the most potent magic in each others lives.

How right she is.

I sent them both this email ~

“Today was truly beautiful, and I’m just so so pleased that we are doing these things for ourselves and each other.

I feel like we are creating our own magic, and our own succulent lifestyle of loving, sharing and growth.

I feel like we are recognising even more the call of our spirits and bodies to live as they wish.I love that today we retreated to a cave to reflect and eat yummy, healthy foods, and open our hearts.

There is a feeling in my chest of my heart growing and stretching and loving, and as though a part of me which has been slumbering is now awakening and is ready for dancing.

Thank you for the magic in our ordinary moments.

What a lovely, magical thing for us three to be crossing each other’s paths, right here, right now, together.

I love that you are both so open to going along with my whims, and sharing your lives.

Have you ever seen a forest growing at the same rate?

That’s us ~ three tall trees, growing together, and holding each other’s branches.

This feeling in me is bigger than words ~ we are living the lives we dreamed of!”

And we are.

And what a wonder it is, to suddenly find yourself awake and living in your dream.

The conciousness, the succulence, the sharing.

Creating our own womanly magic with juicy living and sweet, amazing friendships.