Hola possums!

If you’ve been waiting to begin building or accelerating the business of your dreams, stop waiting and start doing, in On-track October in the Academy.

Look what’s on tap for you at the Academy this month:


Ready to step up and get started in business?

The Business Goddess ecourse starts Oct. 1st. Join a small group with an Academy Guide to go through this self-paced course with support.

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Already got a business, and you’re ready to DOUBLE your income?

Join Double Your Biz in 365 Days for a daily mini-action.

These powerful lessons give you a daily task that helps you stay focused and gets you incredible business results.

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Need a new website?

If you need a new site, an overhaul, or just some advice, you’re going to love the new WordPress ecourse for October. Office hours, hot seats, and a weekly focus.

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2016 Create Your Shining Year In Life + Biz Goals Workbooks

And digital 2016 Biz + Life goals workbooks will be given to our Academy members before anyone else!

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Use every precious day of 2015 well – On-Track October will help you focus and take action.

Don’t waste a day – choose your medicine and start moving with us.

If you aren’t a member of the Academy, this is the final day of our Shining September promotion – our most affordable payment plan EVER offered.

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Time to make a decision hon.

Are you in?

Do you want to see changes in your life and business?

Do you want to get exactly what you need to get there?

Do you want the results?

We’ve got what you need to get you incredible, shining success, abundance + joy in your life + business.

Are you ready to say yes?

Jump in NOW before you miss out!

To your biggest shining,

P.S. I am 100% about the R word.


I get results in my own company ($3.4m in total revenue, 65 000 on my mailing list, 155 000 on social media).

I get results in the Academy (5 years, 5000 members, many members there for the whole 5 years because they find it so essential!)

And results for our Academy members. We constantly find out exactly what’s working, what’s not, and how we can help our members even bigger success.

Awesome results from our members include:

  • Doubling their business into six figures
  • Earning more in their first Academy month than they have in the whole year previously!
  • Growing their mailing list seven times over (!!!!)
  • Multiplying their social media reach by five
  • Becoming fully booked out of their classes + services
  • Reducing hours worked significantly while still increasing income!!

If you want the same results in your business + life… now is the time!


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