i’m a tree girl. always have been, always will be.
photo by D. Bach

A healing friend of mine always tells me, and anyone who will listen:


And I never really got it ~ I knew that nature was beautiful, but I didn’t get from an energy level why I needed to, and why everyone on this planet needs to do it.

Sitting by the lake a few weeks ago on an artists date, eating ice creams with my friend Bek, I realised that when I’m out in nature, the bullshit flies away.

As simple and as beautiful as that.

When I close my eyes, and the wind brushes over my face, and my toes are sinking into the dust,

things just don’t seem to matter anymore.

All that is is the breeze, and the earth, and the stillness inside me.

The woman who doesn’t know, who feels tangled in energy and caught in concerns – she is gone, back there somewhere at the house. The Woman Who Knows remains there. She Knows she is a part of the earth, she knows to breathe is enough, and she knows the concerns are only a dream, a fragrant of the mind. Inside there is a sweeping desert, a swelling ocean, the undulating forest strewn mountains, the rises and falls of landscape sinking in and up with breath.

So out there I find myself.

On the little patch of bare earth in my backyard, the grass already yellowed by summer.
By the lake, with a friend.

In nature, truth slips in, and I am reminded that there is enough love for us all. That nature holds all the healing we need. That the Woman Who Knows is just out there, sitting in the dust, smiling at the wind.

And all I need to do is get out.

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