Hi treasures,

As you know I’ve decided to close down the Academy + am holding a big bundle sale to release my life’s work.

I wanted to give the Academy a good goodbye, and make it a win-win-win situation for everybody involved.

And so I decided to do a Month of Magic, and give away goodies from the Academy each day.

Here’s the wins for you:


The second giveaway!

An ebook on Preventing + Measuring Burnout!


  • my experiences with burnout (aka: I’m a world champion of burnout!)
  • how to prevent burnout + heal it when it comes up
  • my Economic Cost of Burnout calculator to help you work out exactly how much burnout costs you in $$ terms + what is a good investment in preventing it (insanely useful… I’ve used it for years!)

(If you’re a member, you can also grab the spreadsheet for this! Plus hundreds of other resources just like this!)

Click here to download

I so hope this is useful.

And I’m looking forward to sharing more goodies with you over this magical month.

To a beautiful burnout free biz + life,

26 days left to grab these courses before they go away forevs!