Hi treasures,

As you know I’ve decided to close down the Academy + am holding a big bundle sale to release my life’s work.

I wanted to give the Academy a good goodbye, and make it a win-win-win situation for everybody involved.

And so I decided to do a Month of Magic, and give away goodies from the Academy each day.

Here’s the wins for you:

Here’s the giveaways so far incase you missed them!

The fourth giveaway: Best Day Ever Meditation!

Want to feel happier, more productive + inspired?

Listen to this short (under 10 minute) affirmation meditation now to feel a noticeable shift in your day!

Click to download

I so hope this is useful.

You can get more of my meditations plus 100+ more courses, resources and goodies before they retire end of this month.

May this resource transform your day, week, month, life!

With love and abundant blessings,

24 days left to grab these courses before they go away forevs!