A new Soul Story custom artwork..
this time for the amazing & lovely Adele from Intrinsic – one of my absolute favourite stationery & inspiration companies. It was such a joy to create this for Adele… to celebrate the gorgeous, giving & visionary spirit she is!

I’m having a gorgeous day creating a Goddess in You painting for a wonder*woman to give to her daughter for her birthday. I so love making these rainbow artworks to celebrate real, inspiring and luscious women… to remind them just what a gift they are!

If you are looking to order your own Soul Story custom art or Goddess in You painting, or even one of the prints from my Etsy store – I will be going on holidays for three weeks in a week and a half. Order before 18 September to have yours created and sent before the studio closes for going-home-for-family-time-and-laughter-and-love holiday break.

Bright love and heart blessings,