Hola gorgeous Goddess!

It’s that happy day of the week… Goddess Allsorts day!
This is the day I share with you all kinds of scrummy inspiration I find around the place & want to share. Allsorts that don’t make much sense together, but are perfectly perfect. A whole smorgasboard of delight for you to nibble on!

You Digest = Me Smarter

I always feel smarter after watching You Digest. It’s a videoblog created by the lovely and brainy and throughtful and shiny Kirstin. She pours through all the interesting things that are happening in the world (i.e. news) and makes them into digestible, absorbing thoughtnotes ripe for consumption.

It’s kinda hard to explain, but whenever I watch You Digest, I feel like I’m smarter.

Plus, I adore Kirstin.

The End.

Kiss The Paper

I found Kiss the Paper through my lovely friend Artizen Jenn. Jenn coaches two sisters to explore their relationship and lives through creativity. It’s mesmerising and heartful and beautiful.

Colin is so popcorn right now

I totally adore my dear friend Penelope. She’s one of those girls I’d be pony-tailed friends with when I was 12. She’s an amazing illustrator, mama and soul.

But my new link-adore is for her holy-awesome hubby Colin. He’s a brilliant writer, but no, that’s not why I’m linking to him. My link-glory goes to his Flickr stream – because I can and have spent hours going through it, giggling my head off at his commentary.

Favourites are his I Saw The Sign set, this photo and this photo.

And now for something completely different…

It’s a story about poo. No, really.
This Pee Poo Bag story about changing the world had me completely riveted.

How can I top the Pee Poo bag?

It must be with this spellbindingly beautiful sound maker.

On following your heart & making a movement

And finally…

Some days, to follow your own heart, you have to dance a dance nobody else is dancing. You have to be brave. Be positive. Dance joyfully. Make movements that haven’t been made before. And you will feel silly doing it. You will also feel unstoppably free.

And for those moments when you feel lonely doing it…

I just want you to know…

The tides will turn. Your dance will show others how to dance.

Your laughter, freedom and beautiful spirit will enlighten others so they can live out theirs.

I believe in you. Just remember this video.


Keep dancing your crazy dance, button.
The world will catch on.