Dear darlingest Goddess You,

How has your week been sweetpea?

Here’s all ze things I’ve adored this week:

Listening to this beautiful man each night as I nurse Starry to sleep. Gurrumul is Australian Aboriginal & has a voice that sings to the soul…

Walking home from strolling the street to find Ostara asleep in ze Ergo… so I laid down on the couch with her and closed my eyes as she slept, matching my breath with hers. Deeeevine.

My new weekly routine of getting a massage or healing from Akiah. I’m filling up this mama well {not to mention helping rebalance my energies after all ze intense universal energy nuttiness lately!} This week was a sublime relaxation massage mixed with reflexology, yogic stretching and this thinggy called Gua Sha. Have you tried it? It’s like cupping without the cupping and acupuncture without the acupuncture – it’s a detox technique. It basically consisted of rubbing a bone over my back {which felt great!}. It does however cause some pretty special marking and bruising later on though. I don’t mind. It makes me feel bad ass. In an extreme healing kind of way.

It’s been raining here. So today we went for a stroll to the kitchen store, and got one of these scrumptious spunky things – an apple peeler. We are practising Baby Led Weaning with Ostara – which means she feeds herself, usually from our plates. She adores apples at the moment, so it will be fun to give her long spirals of apple to play with. Plus, putting on my magical future-seeing goggles on, I can see me making some pretty scrumptious dried apple + cinnamon swirls in our dehydrator.

And for special thingies I found around ze interwebs?

An incredibly beautiful post on prayer over at Sarah Wilson’s sanctuary.

Summer Pierre’s Artist in the Nursery interviews are freaking brilliant. Wise. Enlightening. They make me feel relieved, funnily enough. I’m so glad to hear creative mama’s storeis!

Penelope’s post on Rest is just magical.

8 Ways to Raise a Mindful Child by my favouritest Buddhist mama, Karen Maizen Miller.

I’m wishing you love, love, love, gladness and blessings for this weekend, dearest heart. Like a big exhale of air.

I’ve got some exciting things lined up for next week… can’t wait to play with you then!

Until then…